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PMP Sample Questions

  1. Activity duration estimate inputs include all of the following except:

    1. resource requirements.
    2. basis of estimates.
    3. activity lists.
    4. constraints.

    Answer: B

  2. All of the following are contract types except:

    1. unit-price.
    2. make-or-buy.
    3. cost reimbursable.
    4. lump sum.

    Answer: B

  3. Initiation inputs for a project include all of the following except:

    1. product description.
    2. strategic plan.
    3. project charter.
    4. selection criteria.

    Answer: C

  4. Responses to risk threats include all of the following except:

    1. avoidance.
    2. acceptance.
    3. mitigation.
    4. rejection.

    Answer: D

  5. The process of performance reporting includes all of the following except:

    1. status reporting.
    2. progress reporting.
    3. forecasting.
    4. product analysis.

    Answer: D

  6. Constrained optimization methods of project selection include:

    1. scoring models.
    2. benefit-cost ratios.
    3. multi-objective programming algorithms.
    4. subjective analyses.

    Answer: C

  7. Which of the following statements concerning contract type is correct?

    1. a fixed price contract contains the most risk for the buyer.
    2. cost reimbursable contracts offer sellers the highest profit potential.
    3. lump sum contracts offer sellers the greatest profit potential.
    4. unit price contracts are illegal in many jurisdictions.

    Answer: C

  8. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) numbering system should allow project staff to:

    1. identify the level at which individual WBS elements are found.
    2. identify configuration management milestones.
    3. estimate the costs of WBS elements.
    4. provide project justification.

    Answer: A

  9. All of the following are true quality statements except:

    1. Quality improvement depends upon better definit ion and increased awareness of the requirements/specifications.
    2. Project quality management must address both management of the project and the product of the project.
    3. Recognition of key actions required of each team member is necessary to meet quality objectives.
    4. Computer-aided design systems can improve quality, but only at the expense of an increase in the cost of design.

    Answer: D

  10. All of the following are examples of tools often used in cost estimating except:

    1. parametric modeling.
    2. analogous estimating.
    3. bottom-up estimating.
    4. activity duration estimates.

    Answer: D

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