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PMP Sample Questions

  1. Which of the following statements is not true?

    1. Standards and regulations are mandatory.
    2. According to ISO, standards are not mandatory, but regulations are.
    3. Standards often begin as guidelines that are not mandatory.With later widespread adoption, they can become de facto regulations.
    4. Standards and regulations are socio-economic influences to a project.

    Answer: A

  2. Which type of leadership is best suited for optimizing team performance in projects?

    1. Democratic leadership.
    2. Participative leadership.
    3. Autocratic leadership.
    4. Benevolent authoritative leadership

    Answer: B

  3. Where is the result node (outcome) shown on a typical Ishikawa or Fishbone diagram?

    1. Top.
    2. Bottom.
    3. Right hand side.
    4. Center.

    Answer: C

  4. A project management team has subcontracted work to a service company. The process of ensuring that this service company's performance meets contractual requirements is called

    1. Contract Administration.
    2. Staff Acquisition.
    3. Contract Closeout.
    4. Contract Negotiation

    Answer: A

  5. What are workarounds in project management?

    1. Workarounds are essentially the same as rework.
    2. Workarounds are alternative strategies.
    3. Workarounds are unplanned responses to emerging risks that were previously unidentified or accepted.
    4. Workarounds are activities performed according to applicable contingency plans

    Answer: C

  6. What are faits accomplis?

    1. A French dinner after a kick-off meeting.
    2. Unachievable deliverables.
    3. Accomplished objectives.
    4. Decisions made earlier which limit the options for decision making.

    Answer: d

  7. During execution of a project which is performed for a customer on a T&M (Time and Material) contract base a new project manager is taking over the assignment.

    He discovers that two members assigned to the project have charged time without performing any work.Upon further investigation, he determines that this occurred because there were no other project assignments available for these people.The customer is unaware of these facts.

    What should the project manager do?

    1. Try to find some productive work for these staff members in the project and leave them on the team.
    2. The best thing is to do nothing.The customer will not realize the problem anyway.
    3. Try to find a responsible person for the over-assignment who can be made accountable.
    4. Take the two people off the team immediately and arrange for the refund of the excess charges to the customer .

    Answer: d

  8. In the following network logic diagram start dates are defined as early morning, finish dates are evening.

    If tasks are scheduled to begin at early start date, what is true?

    1. Activity B has a free float of 10 d.
    2. Activity B has a total float of 10 d.
    3. Activity A has a free float of 10 d.
    4. Activity A has a total float of 10 d.

    Answer: B

  9. Which of the following is not considered to be part of Project Resource Management?

    1. Working staff.
    2. Materials.
    3. Equipment.
    4. Time and money.

    Answer: D

  10. Tools and Techniques of Risk Response Planning include

    1. Identifying, quantitative and qualitative analysis, monitoring and control.
    2. Avoidance, transference, mitigation, acceptance.
    3. Identification, assessment of magnitude and probability, assessment of costs of response .
    4. Risk management reviews

    Answer: B

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