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Network+ Sample Questions

Network+ is a certification that measures the technical knowledge of networking professionals.
Earning the Network+ certification means that the candidate possesses the knowledge needed to configure and operate a variety of networking products.

The Network+ test is available throughout the world in a variety of languages including English, German, French and Japanese.

Following are some Network+ sample questions:

  1. You install File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks.You share a folder and leave the password option blank.Who can gain access to the folder

    1. Anyone who can gain access to your network and has a Microsoft redirector such as the Client for Microsoft Networks installed.
    2. Windows 98 will not allow a blank password in this field.
    3. Anyone with Internet Explorer installed.
    4. Only users that are members of the same workgroup as you.

    Answer: A

  2. The figure below shows a typical Home Network Setup.Identify the network components marked in red.


    A: Cable/DSL Modem
    B: CAT 5 Ethernet cable
    C: Wireless Signal
    E: Wirelss Router

  3. Some protocols are considered to be technically non-routable.Which of the following statements best describes the most common reason why a protocol would be considered non-routable

    1. It does not contain the appropriate Data Link layer information required by routers.
    2. It uses advanced Transport layer services to move across the Internet and avoids the routing overhead required by the more primitive networking protocols.
    3. It defines Physical layer network addresses for internal routing.
    4. It does not specify the Network layer addresses required by routers.

    Answer: D

  4. What is the binary network ID of the loopback IP address

    1. 1
    2. 10101010
    3. 0
    4. 1111111

    Answer: D

  5. You are the LAN administrator for your company.You have couple Windows 2000 Professional clients that dial in via PPP to the company network’s RAS server.You want the remote clients to be assigned dynamic IP addresses.You reserve a pool of class B addresses for these clients.Upon connecting, you find that the Windows 2000 computers are using a subnet mask of all 255s.What should you do

    1. Run ipconfig with the /release and /renew switch on the client
    2. Run ipconfig with the /renew_all switch on the client
    3. Run winipcfg on the client
    4. Do nothing.This is normal

    Answer: D

  6. You are configuring a router.According to the manual, you will need a transceiver to connect to the LAN ports of the router.What kind of physical interface does the router have

    1. MSAU
    2. RJ-11
    3. AUI
    4. BNC

    Answer: C

  7. Which of the following are connectionless protocols.(Choose the three best answers.)

    1. IP
    2. SPX
    3. IPX
    4. UDP

    Answer: A, C, D

  8. How can Jim Herr, a client on an NT TCP/IP network see which remote hosts are currently connected using NBT

    1. Use NBTSTAT
    2. Use NETSTAT
    3. Use NSLOOKUP
    4. Use IPCONFIG

    Answer: A

  9. You are setting up a new Windows 98 workstation on your network, and your DHCP server provides all of the normal TCP/IP configuration information.What must you do to configure the IP address on the workstation after you add the TCP/IP protocol

    1. The DHCP option is enabled automatically, and the server will auto-configure everything.
    2. Find out what the subnet mask on your network is, and add this information only.
    3. Manually enter an IP address that is not in use on the network.
    4. Put the address of the router in the default gateway, and put all 0s in the IP field.

    Answer: A

  10. Which of the following is considered a Network Attached Storage device

    1. A 60 GB DAT tape drive attached to the Network Server
    2. A file server with special software that is at a separate location from the departmental file server
    3. In a Windows NT environment, it would be the Backup Domain Controller
    4. A high speed specialized sub-network attached to the enterprise

    Answer: B

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