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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. Backing up the system state in Win 2000 Prof will backup the ___?

    1. registry
    2. boot files
    3. all of the above

    Answer: C

  2. Equipment that is designed to help identify breaks and shorts in cables?

    1. TDR
    2. performance monitor
    3. SNMP

    Answer: A

  3. Which company developed the Unix Operating System?

    1. Sun
    2. Microsoft
    3. ATT

    Answer: C

  4. To start a Win 2000 Prof computer in the safe mode press ___ at startup?

    1. F8
    2. Ctl and Esc
    3. F1

    Answer: A

  5. A bridge filters traffic using which type of address?

    1. IP address
    2. MAC address
    3. TCP address

    Answer: B

  6. A large network with 500 users notice that at specific times in the morning and afternoon network congestion ties up their computers.What is the most likely cause?

    1. power fluctuations
    2. a terminator is not grounded
    3. many users are logging on or off

    Answer: C

  7. A ___ is created when a unique IP address and port number are used to connect two computers?

    1. SAP
    2. media transfer coefficient
    3. socket

    Answer: C

  8. During disaster recovery of a Win 2000 Prof computer if you "Enable Boot Logging" the file ___ is saved to the C:\winnt folder for analysis?

    1. setuplog.txt
    2. bootlog.txt ntbtlog.txt

    Answer: C

  9. Which of these WAN (Wide Area Network) protocols is the fastest?

    1. Frame Relay
    2. ATM
    3. X.25

    Answer: B

  10. The only files on a Win 2000 Prof Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) are autoexec.nt, config.nt, and setup.log?

    1. True
    2. False

    Answer: A

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