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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. Four _____ are used in the 5-4-3 rule of 10Base2 networking?

    1. repeaters
    2. segments
    3. routers

    Answer: A

  2. You have just finished installing an Ethernet PCI NIC (network interface card) in a client's computer.The computer initializes successfully and has no apparent hardware problems.The computer however is not able to communicate with other computers on this NetBEUI network.All other client computers are able to communicate.What is the most likely cause of this problem?

    1. IRQ conflict
    2. incorrect transceiver setting
    3. incorrect frame type

    Answer: B

  3. The two key components of a digital signature include the secure hash algorithm and a ___ ?

    1. blowfish value
    2. certificate authority
    3. IPSec

    Answer: B

  4. The Microsoft version of Novell's IPX/SPX protocol?

    1. ODI
    2. NWLink
    3. DLC

    Answer: B

  5. Utility used to run applications on a computer at a remote location?

    1. ODI
    2. Telnet
    3. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

    Answer: B

  6. Topology that offers the highest level of redundancy, is easy to troubleshoot but is expensive to install.It is the topology of the internet?

    1. star
    2. ring
    3. mesh

    Answer: C

  7. Ordinary telephone wire has a thickness of AWG 22.Of the following which is the thickest wire?

    1. AWG 14
    2. AWG 28
    3. AWG 32

    Answer: A

  8. Backup method which clears the archive bit and is the shortest to perform but takes the longest to restore?

    1. full
    2. incremental
    3. differential

    Answer: B

  9. Which of the following protocols map a logical address to a MAC (Media Access Control) address?

    1. DNS
    2. WINS
    3. ARP

    Answer: C

  10. The major limiting factor for how long a cable can be in a segment is ___?

    1. collisions
    2. EMI
    3. attenuation

    Answer: C

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