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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. Protocol that is often used to facilitate communications with an IBM mainframe?

    1. NetBEUI
    2. RIP
    3. DLC

    Answer: C

  2. Which of these protocols provide fast connectionless communications that relies on upper layers of the OSI model for error correction?

    1. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
    2. UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
    3. SPX

    Answer: B

  3. Can be used to reduce traffic bottlenecks in a NetBEUI network?

    1. bridge
    2. router
    3. gateway

    Answer: A

  4. You have just finished the installation of two computers on a 28 computer network using Novell's IPX/SPX.Both computers initialize with no error messages yet they cannot contact other computers on the network.All other computers are functioning normally.You probably have an ___?

    1. incorrect IRQ
    2. incorrect frame type
    3. invalid IP setting

    Answer: B

  5. Uses amplifiers to regenerate analog signals?

    1. baseband
    2. broadband
    3. fiber-optic

    Answer: B

  6. Uses single frequency digital signals?

    1. baseband
    2. broadband
    3. multiband

    Answer: A

  7. You are hired to investigate a slow performing network server for a client.Using the performance monitor you obtain the following readings: CPU usage= 25%, Disk time= 25%, Page faults/sec= 25.What one change will increase the performance of this network server the most?

    1. buy another CPU
    2. add another hard drive
    3. increase RAM

    Answer: C

  8. Which of the following should you check if you can connect using the IP address but NOT with the host name?

    1. DNS
    2. WINS
    3. DHCP

    Answer: A

  9. The fastest method of transporting data with a switch?

    1. store and forward
    2. cut through
    3. loop back

    Answer: B

  10. Although NOT fault tolerant this RAID level is often used when one wants the highest level of performance?

    1. RAID 0
    2. RAID 1
    3. RAID 5

    Answer: A

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