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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. Can switching hubs propagate broadcast packets on the network?

    1. Yes
    2. No

    Answer: A

  2. How many physical addresses can be assigned to a NIC?

    1. One
    2. Two
    3. Three; One by the IEEE, one by the NIC vendor, and one by the Network Administrator
    4. Depends on the NOS
    5. Depends on the NIC driver

    Answer: A

  3. What are the two types of routing connections?

    1. Token passing
    2. Connectionless
    3. Reliable
    4. Connection Orientated
    5. Unreliable

    Answer: D,B

  4. What type of routing connection would typically fragment data packets?

    1. Connection Orientated
    2. Cut-Through
    3. Reliable
    4. Connectionless
    5. Static

    Answer: D

  5. What name is given to Novell's client software loaded on the workstation, and what feature does it provide that earlier versions of the Generic Windows client do not offer?

    1. NETX
    2. Client for NetWare Networks
    3. Client32
    4. Support for NetWare Print Queues
    5. Support for NetWare Directory Services

    Answer: C,E

  6. If two computers are assigned the same IP address then ___?

    1. neither computer will be able to connect
    2. the first computer to sign on will be able to connect the other will not
    3. both computers will be able to connect to the local network but not to the internet

    Answer: B

  7. The physical address assigned by the NIC manufacturer?

    1. subnet mask
    2. IP address
    3. MAC address

    Answer: C

  8. Similar to WINS in that it resolves NetBIOS names into IP address but stores this information in a text file?

    1. LMHOSTS
    2. DLC
    3. DNS

    Answer: A

  9. A small peer to peer network uses ___ security?

    1. user-level
    2. share-level
    3. permissions for

    Answer: B

  10. The TCP/IP protocol used on the internet allows for approximately ___ billion unique IP addresses?

    1. 1
    2. 4
    3. 10

    Answer: B

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