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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. What happens when a device is disconnected from the middle of a BUS network?

    1. The hub will propagate error messages to the rest of the network
    2. All devices on the network will fail
    3. The Server will stop responding to that device
    4. Data will not be able to get to devices on the other side of this device
    5. If a bridge is on the network, only that segment will be effected

    Answer: B

  2. Why is there a limit to the number of MAUs that can be connected together in a standard Token-ring network?

    1. Too many MAUs would exceed the cable limits imposed by the Token Ring specification
    2. Too many MAUs would create to large of a collision domain for communications to take place
    3. Too many MAUs require more electricity than the devices can support
    4. Too many devices connected through MAUs requires more time to get control of the token that communications becomes unacceptable
    5. There is no limit to the number of MAUs a token ring network can support

    Answer: D

  3. How many devices can communicate simultaneously within a Token-ring LAN?

    1. One for each MAU on the LAN
    2. One
    3. Two
    4. As many devices as the administrator defines within the NOS
    5. Between 1 and 5 if the ring speed is 16mbp/s

    Answer: B

  4. What are three common items that must be configured correctly when installing a Network Interface Card (NIC)?

    1. PCI or ISA slot
    2. IRQ setting
    3. DMA Address
    4. Driver
    5. I/O Address

    Answer: B,C,D,E

  5. When troubleshooting connection problems you can confirm that physical layer devices are communicating by visually inspecting _______________ on the NIC and hub.

    1. Cross over cable
    2. The Link-Lights
    3. The electrical connection
    4. The Patch cable
    5. The power light

    Answer: B

  6. What is the name of a common test performed on a NIC with vendor supplied diagnostic software?

    1. NIC Test
    2. Diagnostic Test
    3. PING
    4. Loopback
    5. NICBack

    Answer: D

  7. Name two driver interfaces that allow a NIC to communicate on more than one protocol.

    1. NDIS
    2. NetBEUI
    3. NetBIOS
    4. ODI
    5. UNIX

    Answer: D,A

  8. Bridges operate at the _____________ OSI level.

    1. The Data-Link Layer
    2. Top Layer
    3. The Transport Layer
    4. The Session Layer
    5. The Network Layer

    Answer: A

  9. What bridging method is commonly used in Ethernet with only one bridge.

    1. Collision
    2. Routing
    3. Transparent
    4. Spanning Tree
    5. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

    Answer: C

  10. Where are bridging address tables maintained when using source-route bridging?

    1. In routing tables on the hard drive
    2. In routing tables in RAM
    3. In routing tables in ROM
    4. At each PC on the network
    5. On special routing devices

    Answer: A

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