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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. Characteristic of an IEEE 802.3 10BaseT Ethernet network?

    1. BNC T-connectors
    2. RJ-11
    3. UTP

    Answer: C

  2. You suspect a faulty NIC is causing a broadcast storm in a network.What troubleshooting tool would you use to locate which computer has the defective NIC?

    1. VOM
    2. protocol analyzer
    3. TDR

    Answer: B

  3. A dial-up protocol that does not support automatic IP addressing using DHCP?

    1. PPP
    2. DLC
    3. SLIP

    Answer: C

  4. Of the two types of routers the one that uses the discovery process to create its routing table?

    1. static
    2. dynamic
    3. multiplexed

    Answer: B

  5. Your client's NT server has been having trouble booting.Where should you look first for some answers?

    1. performance monitor
    2. event viewer
    3. SNMP

    Answer: B

  6. Another fast non-routable protocol with low overhead developed by DEC?

    1. ATM
    2. LAT
    3. SPX

    Answer: B

  7. You are hired to setup a 100Mbps Ethernet network for a client in an office that already has cat 3 UTP installed.Your client wants to keep the costs to a minimum but needs the 100Mbps throughput.What should you recommend?

    1. keep the existing cable but purchase 100Mbps hubs
    2. keep the existing cable but use 100Mbps patch cable from the wall outlet
    3. new cat 5 UTP and if not already installed 100 Mbps hubs and 100 Mbps NICs

    Answer: C

  8. Your client's 10BaseT Ethernet network using NetBEUI wants to access data on an IBM mainframe.What device will allow this connection?

    1. bridge
    2. gateway
    3. router

    Answer: B

  9. Of the following protocols which is the fastest?

    1. TCP/IP
    2. IPX/SPX
    3. UDP/IP

    Answer: C

  10. Access to files and folders in Win 2000 is accomplished using ___ ?

    1. compression
    2. tunneling
    3. permissions

    Answer: C

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