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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. A ___ is used to connect two pieces of 10Base2 coaxial cable together?

    1. T-connector
    2. barrel connector
    3. patch cable

    Answer: B

  2. One reason the ATM WAN protocol is faster than Frame Relay is because its packets are a ___ size which allows them to be switched and routed more easily?

    1. variable
    2. fixed
    3. compressed

    Answer: B

  3. SQL is used to ___?

    1. access databases
    2. setup the default gateway
    3. identify a defective NIC

    Answer: A

  4. Which of the following is a routable protocol?

    1. LAT
    2. NWLink
    3. DLC

    Answer: B

  5. Uses token passing?

    1. Frame Relay
    2. ArcNet
    3. ATM

    Answer: B

  6. For Cat 5 UTP, patch cables from the wall outlet to the computer can be a maximum of ___ m?

    1. 1
    2. 3
    3. 10

    Answer: B

  7. The static text file ___ and DNS contain similar names and IP addresses?

    1. LMHOSTS
    2. HOSTS
    3. WINS

    Answer: B

  8. Increases the data rate of modems?

    1. encryption
    2. compression
    3. synchronization

    Answer: B

  9. Wireless technology commonly used to connect workstations that are all located in a single room?

    1. IrDA
    2. microwave
    3. SONET

    Answer: A

  10. Your customer has a client/ server Ethernet network consisting of a server and 225 computers running Win NT4.What kind of security would you recommend to him for centralized control of access to files and directories on the network?

    1. use a password for each file and groups for each directory
    2. use a password for each file and directory shared
    3. setup groups of shared resources and users who have access to these groups

    Answer: C

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