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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. You have set up a server that connects to an Internet services provider ( ISP) over ISDN line.How should the default gateway address be configured so that windows 95 users on the local network can access the Internet through the RAS server.The RAS server is located on the same subnet as that of the WIN95 machines.

    1. The default Gateway address on WINS95 must specify the IP address of the remote ISP
    2. The default Gateway on WN95 must specify the IP address of the RAS server on the local network.
    3. The HOSTS file in WIN95 machines must be configured with the host name of the RAS Server.
    4. The HOSTS file in WIN 95 machines must be configured with the host name of the ISP

    Answer: B

  2. Which of the following is the standard adopted for Ethernet CSMA/CD by IEEE Committee?

    1. 802.2
    2. 802.1d
    3. 802.3
    4. 802.5

    Answer: C

  3. Disk Striping with Parity corresponds to which RAID level?

    1. RAID 0
    2. RAID 1
    3. RAID 3
    4. RAID 5

    Answer: D.

  4. Which of the following media types is most susceptible to EMI?

    1. Fiber Optic
    2. STP
    3. Co-axial
    4. UTP

    Answer: D

  5. Which type of connector does a 10BaseT Ethernet cable use?

    1. BNC
    2. RJ-45
    3. RJ-11
    4. MSAU

    Answer: B

  6. Which of the following is suitable for mission critical and time sensitive applications?

    1. 10BaseT
    2. 10Base2
    3. Token Ring
    4. Mesh

    Answer: C

  7. What is the default subnet mask for Class C network?


    Answer: C

  8. Which of the following network topologies have each computer connected to a central point?

    1. Bus
    2. Ring
    3. Star
    4. Mesh

    Answer: C

  9. Which of the following network topologies is the most fault tolerant?

    1. Bus
    2. Mesh
    3. Star
    4. Ring

    Answer: B

  10. A Bus network topology is best described as which of the following?

    1. All computers are attached to a single cable in a chain style
    2. All computers are connected to a central point
    3. All computers are connected to every other computer or resource in the network
    4. Fault Tolerant

    Answer: A

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