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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. ___ uses data encryption to secure data being transmitted over the internet so even if it is intercepted it can't be read without knowing the key?

    1. DLC
    2. SSL
    3. ARP

    Answer: B

  2. Device drivers can be disabled in Win 2000 Prof in Device Manager or by using the ___?

    1. ERD
    2. Recovery Console
    3. RDISK

    Answer: B

  3. Smart Cards in Win 2000 use the ___ RAS authentication protocol for security?

    1. PAP
    2. MSCHAP
    3. EAP

    Answer: C

  4. Because of its low overhead this is the fastest of these protocols?

    1. TCP/IP
    2. NWLink
    3. NetBEUI

    Answer: C

  5. The ERD made in the Win 2000 Server Backup utility contains the files needed to boot the computer?

    1. True
    2. False

    Answer: B

  6. Your client has a 10Base2 Ehternet network which is using 160m of RG-58A/U cable and two 50 ohm terminators that are both grounded.What is wrong with his network?

    1. the terminators should be 93 ohms
    2. he should be using RG-59/U cable
    3. only one terminator should be grounded

    Answer: C

  7. Of the following the one that is NOT an alogorithm that determines the shortest path for routers?

    1. SAP
    2. RIP
    3. OSPF

    Answer: A

  8. The most common topology in use today among corporate users?

    1. bus
    2. ring
    3. star-bus

    Answer: C

  9. Uses a 93 ohm resistor?

    1. RG62
    2. RG58
    3. RG59

    Answer: A

  10. OSI level responsible for compression and encryption of data?

    1. session
    2. application
    3. presentation

    Answer: C

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