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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. The inner core of a coaxial cable that carries the signals is made of ___?

    1. aluminum
    2. copper
    3. zinc

    Answer: B

  2. Active hubs can ___?

    1. route the signal using the most efficient path
    2. send an acknowledgement once the packet is received
    3. regenerate the signal like repeaters

    Answer: C

  3. RAID 5 requires a minimum of __ hard drives?

    1. 3
    2. 4
    3. 5

    Answer: A

  4. What is an advantage of Cat 3 UTP cable instead of RG-58 A/U coaxial?

    1. UTP supports longer cable segments
    2. UTP is less susceptible to EMI
    3. UTP is easier to install and less expensive

    Answer: C

  5. A packet in a TCP/IP network whose destination is outside the local network goes to the ___?

    1. TCP transceiver
    2. default gateway
    3. IP subnet

    Answer: B

  6. One important difference between routers and bridges is that when a bridge can't locate the destination address in its table it ___?

    1. sends the transmission to the default gateway
    2. dumps the packet
    3. broadcasts the transmission to all ports

    Answer: C

  7. Novell's NetWare 5.0 was developed in part from the ___ standard?

    1. ATM
    2. NDIS
    3. X.500

    Answer: C

  8. The freely distributed open source Unix based operating system that has gained in popularity recently?

    1. XP
    2. Linux
    3. DLC

    Answer: B

  9. The term used to describe the physical layout of a network?

    1. protocol
    2. server
    3. topology

    Answer: C

  10. Is the interface between the NIC drivers and MAC sublayer?

    1. WINS
    2. NDIS
    3. DLC

    Answer: B

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