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Network+ Sample Questions

  1. Credit card size, designed for notebooks, self-configuring, and non-OS dependent describes which PC bus architecture

    1. PCI
    2. ISA
    3. EISA
    4. PCMCIA

    Answer: D

  2. What protocol is used between E-Mail servers

    1. HTTP
    2. POP3
    3. SNMP
    4. SMTP

    Answer: D

  3. When installing a manually configured adapter, what information must you know to avoid resource conflicts

    1. IRQ
    2. Number of bits
    3. Base I/O port address
    4. Base Memory address

    Answer: A, C & D

  4. Which of the following OSI layers is responsible for identifying communications partners

    1. Application
    2. Session
    3. Network
    4. Presentation

    Answer: A

  5. A broadcast message is an example of which dialog control method

    1. Half duplex
    2. Baseband
    3. Broadband
    4. Simplex

    Answer: D

  6. Which of the following are used to resolve Windows NetBIOS names to IP addresses

    1. DNS
    2. WINS
    3. LMhosts file
    4. Hosts file

    Answer: B,C

  7. What is a router

    1. A hardware device that connects dissimilar networks, such as Cat 5 cabling and FDDI
    2. A network host that reads the source and destination addresses in the packet header and makes decisions about where to forward the packet
    3. A network host that can forward LAN-based email messages onto the Internet, after repackaging them into the SMTP format
    4. A software system that can translate between dissimilar networks such as Ethernet and Token Ring

    Answer: B

  8. Which of the following is Class C IP address?


    Answer: D

  9. A Windows 95 user complains that she cannot connect to any other computers on her local subnet even when using the IP address to communicate.However, she can ping and receive a reply.Other users on her subnet do not report having any trouble.All client computers on the network are WINS-enabled.What is the most probable cause of the problem?

    1. The TCP/IP stack is not installed properly
    2. The subnet mask is not correct, check whether the subnet mask is configured correctly.
    3. The default gateway is not configured properly.
    4. The computer is not configured to use LMHOSTS

    Answer: B

  10. WINS or ___ may be used for NetBIOS name resolution?

    1. HOSTS
    2. DNS
    3. LMHOSTS

    Answer: C

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