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MCSE Sample Questions : Microsoft XP Professional

Microsoft XP Professional

  1. Fun and Fantasy is an online flower shop.The shop has a large clientele and large number of transactions takes place daily.Due to the heavy traffic, the online customers of the Fun and Fantasy shop complain about the slow downloading of the Web site.For this purpose, Ron the owner of the Web site consults the software administrator.The software administrator suggests about installing Windows XP professional.Identify the feature of Window XP professional edition, which would help in solving the above problem?

    1. support for multiple processors
    2. Domain name service
    3. Support for 32 bit CPU
    4. Internet remote service

    Answer: A

  2. Mary works for a computer training institute in North America.After discussing the steps of installing Windows XP professional in the class room, Mary divided the students in a group of two and asked them to complete the installation on their respective machines.But none of the students were able to complete the installation process.Identify the solution that is the cause to the above problem.

    1. Needs to run XP Upgrade Adviser to avoid compatibility problem
    2. Needs to run XP Upgrade Professional to avoid compatibility problem
    3. Needs to run XP Upgrade Home Edition to avoid compatibility problem
    4. Needs to run XP Service Pack to avoid compatibility problem

    Answer: A

  3. anes Technologies is a leading microprocessor manufacturing organization.After the launch of Windows XP professional in the market and its spreading popularity day by day, Ron, the owner of the organization decided to upgrade machines operating system in the office.This is decided because the interface of Windows XP would help the employees in increasing their work efficiency. To familiarize employees with the installation procedure of Windows XP professional, Ron also arranged a training session for the employees.But during the installation process, some employees found problem in installing Windows XP.Identify the correct sequence of steps for installing Windows XP that would help the employees in completing their task.

    1. File copy, GUI mode setup, Text mode setup, Windows welcome
    2. GUI mode setup, File copy, Text mode setup, Windows welcome
    3. Text mode setup, GUI mode setup, File copy, Windows welcome
    4. File copy, Text mode setup, GUI mode setup, Windows welcome

    Answer: D

  4. The hardware engineer of Janes Technologies is stuck at a point during the installation process of Windows XP professional.He wants to eliminate forced reboot after file copying phase of the setup process is complete.For this purpose, he is unable to find a command that will perform this operation.Identify the command and help him in completing the installation process.

    1. /noreboot
    2. /noboot
    3. /nostart
    4. /norestart

    Answer: A

  5. Mary works for a computer training institute in North America.After discussing the steps of installing Windows XP professional in the class room, Mary divided the students in a group of two and asked them to complete the installation on their respective machines.The students were able to complete the installation process successfully but were finding problem in creating and deploying disk images.Now help the students by identifying the file that is used for creating and deploying disk images.

    1. sys.exe
    2. sys.dll
    3. sysprep.dll
    4. sysprep.exe

    Answer: D

  6. You need to support eight users who work at one of your company%26apos;s remote offices.The users work on Windows XP Professional computers.There is a firewall at the remote office.Identify the component that is installed by default during the installation process of Windows XP in the remote office?

    1. Fax service
    2. Networking service
    3. Network file and Print services
    4. Indexing service

    Answer: D

  7. Ron has recently purchased a new computer system.He has planned to install Windows XP professional on the system along with other several software.For this purpose, he has consulted the vendor to install the software as required by him.But after several notifications also, the vendor was unable to reach his place and perform the task.Then, he decided to install Windows XP at his own.Identify the file that will provide him detailed instruction and technical information during the installation process.

    1. Deploy.chm
    2. Ref.chm
    3. Ins.chm
    4. Help.chm

    Answer: A

  8. Mary while instructing the class about the installation process of different versions of Windows also decided to discuss the importance and significance of the Windows Setup Manager Wizard.Identify the operating system, which supports this wizard and creates an answer file for automated installation process?

    1. Windows 95
    2. Windows XP Professional
    3. Windows 98
    4. Windows me

    Answer: B

  9. Don is a system administrator for a renowned travel agency.The agency is planning to upgrade its computer systems to Windows XP Professional.Most of the computers are networked but some computers do not have CD-ROM drives.How can Don upgrade the computer systems without CD-ROM drives to Windows XP Professional?

    1. can attach a portable tape backup unit to each computer and install the operating system from it.
    2. can use the windows installer program to push out the operating system.
    3. can perfom the installation over a network share.
    4. can not install windows XP Professional unless he installs a CD-ROM drive in the computer systems that do not have them.

    Answer: C

  10. Don is using a dual boot system between Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional.Ron installed Windows 2000 Professional in a primary partition which is C drive, and Windows XP Professional is installed in the logical drive in extended partition which is D drive.Don now planned to install Windows 2003 in the unallocated space in the hard disk.When Don attempt to create a new primary partition using Disk Management snap-in, he received a message prompting him to make necessary change.The following shows the content of your Boot.ini:
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)%255cWINNT=%2526quot;Windows 2000 Professional%2526quot;
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)%255cWINNT=%2526quot;Windows XP Professional%2526quot;
    Identify the change that should be done in boot.ini.

    1. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)%255cWINNT="Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect
    2. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)%255cWINNT="Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
    3. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)%255cWINNT=%2526quot;Windows 2000 Professional%2526quot; /fastdetect
    4. multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)%255cWINNT=%2526quot;Windows XP Professional%2526quot;/fastdetect

    Answer: C

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