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MCSE Sample Questions : Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment

  1. You are the desktop support specialist for your company. Your company has 20 users and four computers. The network is shown in the exhibit (See the exhibit below). On Monday, the operating system on a computer named COMP2 was upgraded from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Professional. On Tuesday morning, a user on COMP2 complains that while he is able to log on to the domain, he is not able to access files on a server named SERV2 or connect to the Internet. You find that the user on COMP1 is able to connect to SERV2 and the Internet. What would be the most likely cause of the problem?

    1. Incorrect IP address on COMP2.
    2. Incorrect default gateway on COMP2.
    3. COMP2 does not have a domain computer account.
    4. The network does not have a WINS server.

    Answer: B

  2. You are the workgroup administrator for a small office. The office contains 12 Windows 2000 professional computers. Each computer is assigned a private IP address in the 172.10.X.X range. One computer has a dial-up connection to the Internet. To enable all users to access the Internet, you enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the computer with the dial up connection. You configure ICS and reboot the computer. You notice that none of the other users can connect to the ICS computer, and the ICS computer cannot see the other computers in the network. What could be the problem?

    1. Configure the other computers to use the ICS computer as a proxy.
    2. Configure the other computers to receive their IP address automatically.
    3. Configure the other computers to use the ICS computer as their default gateway.
    4. Enable Internet Connection Sharing on all of the computers.

    Answer: B

  3. You provide technical support for a company with several locations. In a remote sales office, there are 5 Windows 2000 Professional computers. All computers are connected in a workgroup, as shown in the exhibit. (See the exhibit below). The manager's computer has a 56K dial up connection to the Internet. The manager calls and explains that she had enabled ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on her computer. Once ICS had been enabled, none of the other users were able to access a shared folder on the manager's computer. What should you instruct her to do?

    1. Configure the dial-up connection to disable shared access.
    2. Configure the dial-up connection to disable on-demand dialing.
    3. Disable data encryption in the new dial-up connection.
    4. Use the ipconfig command to release and renew your network TCP/IP address.

    Answer: A

  4. You are installing a computer named COMP2 on a Windows 2000 network as shown in the exhibit (See the exhibit below). Your network uses TCP/IP as the only network protocol. You configure COMP2 with an IP address of, a subnet mask of, and a default gateway of Though you are able to log onto the domain, you are not able to connect to any resources on SERV2. Users need to be able to access this server to access documents and shared printers. What should you do to ensure that USER2 can connect to network resources?

    1. Configure Client2 to use a Default Gateway of
    2. Configure Client2 to use a TCP/IP address of
    3. Configure Client2 to use a TCP/IP address of
    4. Create a computer account on the domain for USER2

    Answer: A

  5. You are configuring the dial-up connection for the portable computer shown in the exhibit (See the exhibit below). What address should you use as the default gateway for the portable computer's dial-up connection?


    Answer: C

  6. You are setting up a computer for students to use to practice exercises for their certification exams. You want to configure the computer so that users can boot into both Windows 98 and Windows 2000 Professional. You want to ensure that students can access all drive resources from either operating system. What should you do?

    1. Create a single FAT32 partition.
    2. Create a single NTFS volume.
    3. Configure one NTFS volume, and one extended FAT32 partition.
    4. Configure a dynamic volume.

    Answer: A

  7. Your Windows 2000 professional computer has a shared laser printer that is used by several other users in the office. Users are complaining that they are not able to submit print jobs to the shared printer. Your computer has two hard disks. Drive C is almost out of free space, while drive D has ample free space. You suspect that the lack of free space on drive C is preventing users from submitting print jobs. What can you do to allow print jobs to spool on Drive D?

    1. From the Print Server Properties dialog box, change the spool folder to a folder on drive D.
    2. From the Printer Properties dialog box, change the spool folder to a folder on drive D.
    3. Use the Microsoft Redirector to send the print jobs to Drive D.
    4. Make drive D a dynamic volume and extend drive C onto drive D.

    Answer: A

  8. You are the network administrator for a small company. A Windows 2000 server serves as a domain controller, DNS server and serves file and print functions. Users home folders are located on this computer so that all user files will be backed up every night with the server backup. Because of drive space limitations, you have defined disk quotas for the user's home folders. The office manager, Sandra, informs you that when she tries to save documents to her home folder, she receives the error: 'Insufficient disk space'. She informs you that she must be able to save her important files into this folder as soon as possible. Other users are not encountering this problem. What should you do?

    1. Set the compression attribute for Sandra's folder.
    2. Grant Sandra Full Control permission to her home folder.
    3. Have Sandra save the files to her local hard disk.
    4. Increase the Server's disk quota entry.

    Answer: D

  9. You have a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation computer with an NTFS file system that you use for software development. As your company upgrades their systems to Windows 2000, you will need to be able to test applications in both the Windows NT Workstation environment and the Windows 2000 environment. You decide that the easiest course of action would be to install Windows 2000 Professional in a dual boot environment with Windows NT 4.0 Workstation on your computer. What should you do before installing Windows 2000 Professional?

    1. Edit the BOOT.INI file to reflect the new installation of Windows 2000 Professional.
    2. Install Service Pack 3 or later for Windows NT Workstation 4.0.
    3. Install Service Pack 4 or later for Windows NT Workstation 4.0.
    4. Convert the NTFS file system to FAT.

    Answer: C

  10. Your office is part of a larger Windows 2000 network. Two computers named PUB1 and PUB2 have identical laser printers shared as LASER1 and LASER2 During a particularly busy day, LASER1 has run out of toner. You do not have another toner cartridge to service it. Several users have print jobs waiting to print on PUB1. You need to send all print jobs waiting on PUB1 to the printer on PUB2. You also want any print jobs that may be sent to PUB1 later in the day to be sent to the printer on PUB2. What is the best course of action?

    1. Change the spool settings for PUB1 to point to the spooler directory on PUB2.
    2. Change the share name of LASER1 to LASER2.
    3. Configure LASER1 to add a port and set the port to \\PUB2\LASER2.
    4. Configure LASER2 to add an input path and set the path to \\PUB1\LASER1.

    Answer: C

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