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MCSE Sample Questions ›› Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

MCSE Sample Questions : Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure

Sample MCSE Questions on Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure is given here. Technical experts have given with the answers. These may differ from Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server.

  1. As a newly recruited network administrator of a company your boss has told you that the network ID of this network is and subnet mask is and has two subnets, but he wanted to create a new subnet for IT and Marketing departments. What is the total number of subnets that can be created from the existing subnet mask?

    1. 5
    2. 4
    3. 14
    4. 41

    Answer: C

  2. What is the maximum number of PPTP and L2TP connections that can be supported on a Windows 2003 Enterprise edition?

    1. 1000 and 5000
    2. 1000 and 1500
    3. 1000 and 1000
    4. 5000 and 1000

    Answer: C

  3. As part of trouble shooting errors in a VPN connection, what logs must be checked?

    1. IPSec logging
    2. Event viewer
    3. VPNSec Log
    4. All of above

    Answer: a

  4. A network has an unauthorized DHCP server. What is the utility to detect this?

    1. DHCPUnatho
    2. DetectDHCP
    3. DHCPLOC
    4. There is no way to detect an authorised DHCP server

    Answer: C

  5. What is the recommended way for making DNS servers aware of other namespaces?

    1. STUB Zone
    2. Conditional Forwarding
    3. Forward lookup
    4. Reverse lookup

    Answer: B

  6. What is the broadcast address of the subnet / and address range through


    Answer: D

  7. Which is the best option for troubleshooting name resolution problems?

    1. NSlookup
    2. Systems Monitor
    3. DNS log in Event Viewer
    4. Network Monitor

    Answer: A

  8. You have installed a Windows Server 2003 DNS server, but because of security reasons, you have to install this behind a firewall. What port on the firewall must be opened so that users can access the server?

    1. IP and UDP port 42
    2. UDP and TCP port 53
    3. TCP 53 but not UDP
    4. PPTP and UDP 21

    Answer: B

  9. In an IPSec tunnel what types of traffic can be secured?

    1. Multicast
    2. Unicast
    3. Kerberos
    4. Resourse Reservation Protocol(RSVP)

    Answer: B

  10. An administrator has to choose between compatibility at the same time security is the top most priority for implementing a Virtual Private Network?

    1. PPPoE
    2. LT2P
    3. PPTP
    4. PPP

    Answer: B

Above are some sample questions on Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure with answers from our professionals. We have also provided some questions on Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment in some of our other segments. You can refer them as well.

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