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MCSE Sample Questions : Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

  1. Your Windows 2000 server computer contains data files that network users access throughout the day.You install an updated driver for a PCI network adapter on the computer.After restarting the computer you log on as an administrator, shortly after you log on you receive the stop error 0x0000000A shown in the exhibit (See the exhibit below).You need to bring the server back on line as quickly and reliably as possible.What should you do?

    1. Restart the computer by using the last known good configuration.
    2. Perform an emergency repair and restart the computer.
    3. Restart the computer in the safe mode, remove the driver and restart the computer.
    4. Start the computer by using the recovery console, disable the driver.Restart the computer and remove the driver.

    Answer: C

  2. Your Windows 2000 network has two domain controllers in a single site.These domain controllers are both included in the daily tape backup operations.You have learned that several hours earlier a junior administrator accidentally deleted an organizational unit that contained several user accounts and security groups.You wish to restore these users and groups to active directory.What steps should you take?(Choose all that apply)

    1. Restart one domain controller in Active Directory restore mode.
    2. Restart both domain controllers in Active Directory restore mode.
    3. Restore the system state from tape backup
    4. Restore the NTDS.DIT file from tape backup
    5. Wait for normal Active Directory replication to take place
    6. Use the NTDSUTIL utility to force replication

    Answer: A, C ,F

  3. You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 network.You have installed a Remote Access server to provide dial-up access to your network.When you test the service, you are able to connect to the Remote Access server successfully, but you are not able to access any network resources.You run the IPCONFIG command on the client computer and find that it has an IP address of for the dial-up connection.What should you do to ensure that remote access users are able to access network resources?(Choose two)

    1. Configure the TCP/IP properties of the Remote Access Server to Obtain IP Address Automatically.
    2. Configure a DHCP Relay Agent on the remote access server and provide the address of the DHCP server.
    3. Create a new scope on the DHCP server with the class type: Remote Access.
    4. Authorize the remote access server to receive multiple addresses from a DHCP server.

    Answer: B

  4. You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 Network for a medical insurance company.One server is used to hold temporary data files during the processing of incoming records.This server currently has two 18 GB hard disk drives with a single mirrored partition.As part of an expansion project, your software vendor has recommended that you make 100 GB of storage space available, and that the storage space should be optimized for speed.On this recommendation, you have purchased three 36 GB SCSI drives and installed the disks on the server.What steps should you take to set up these drives to meet requirements?(Choose all that apply)

    1. Convert the three disks to dynamic disks.
    2. Create a striped volume on the new drives.
    3. Create a RAID-5 volume on the new drives.
    4. Create a root volume on one disk, and expand it to the other two disks.
    5. Format one disk, and mount the other drives in the root folder of the first disk.

    Answer: A, B

  5. You have a server that is used for processing incoming faxes.The fax software is installed on the system drive in the C:\Program Files\FaxApp folder.All incoming fax images are saved in a subdirectory of the application directory: C:\Program Files\FaxApp\Temp.This path cannot be changed.When incoming fax volume is high, you often receive an error indicating that the system is running low on hard disk space.You add a second hard disk to the server.What can you do to accommodate the application?

    1. On a volume on the second hard disk, create a shared folder named Temp.
    2. In the C:\Program Files\FaxApp folder, create a shortcut named Temp that points to a folder on the second disk.
    3. Create a Temp folder on the new hard disk.Mount the system partition as the Temp folder on the new partition.
    4. Delete the contents of the C:\Program Files\FaxApp\Temp folder.Create and format a partition from the free space on the second hard disk.Mount the partition as the C:\Program Files\FaxApp\Temp folder.

    Answer: D

  6. You are administering a Windows 2000 Server.The server has two hard disks installed.Disk 0 contains the system partition.Disk 1 contains a mirror of the system partition.During routine maintenance, you use Disk Management and notice that the status of Disk 1 is listed as 'Missing'.You attempt to reactivate Disk 1, but the status of the disk does not change.What should you do next?

    1. Replace Disk 1.Windows 2000 will automatically regenerate the volume.
    2. Break the mirror on Disk 1, replace the disk, and then add a mirror to the new Disk 1.
    3. Replace Disk 1.Copy all data from Disk 0 to the new Disk 1.
    4. Rescan the disks, remove the mirror, and delete the data on Disk 1.Then re-create the mirror.

    Answer: B

  7. You have a Windows 2000 server that is used to store user's home folders.The home folders share is on a four disk RAID-5 array.Users are reporting that access to their home folders is unusually slow today.You use Disk Management, and find that the status of the one disk in the array is listed as Missing.You want to recover the failed RAID-5 volume.What should you do first?(Choose two)

    1. Replace the disk and restart the server.
    2. Ensure that the disk is attached and has power.
    3. Use disk Management to repair the volume.
    4. Use Disk Management to reactivate the disk.
    5. Allow Windows 2000 to automatically repair the volume on the extended partition.

    Answer: B, D

  8. You are the administrator for a Windows 2000 network in a small company.You have two servers, both of which are configured as Windows 2000 Domain controllers.You install Terminal Services on of the servers to allow users to access a reporting application.When you test the application under your account, it runs fine.When you attempt to log in as one of the users that will be accessing the application, you receive the following error: (create exhibit) 'The local policy of this system does not allow you to logon interactively.'

    1. Authorize the Terminal Server in Active Directory.
    2. Grant the users the right to log on locally.
    3. Grant the users the right to log on over the network.
    4. Copy the users' profiles to the Terminal server.

    Answer: B

  9. You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 network for a law firm.For security reasons, each attorney keeps documents in an individual folder.Each attorney's folder is protected with NTFS permissions and encryption.One attorney, Lee Gaul, has recently left the firm.Another attorney, Sue Mall, will take over Lee's assignments.What should you do to give Sue access to Lee's confidential files?

    1. Configure Sue's account to be an Encrypted Data Recovery Agent for Lee's account.Set the file permissions on Lee's files to allow access to Sue.
    2. Back up the files to tape and restore the files to a Sue's folder.
    3. Log on as an administrator and remove the encryption attribute from Lee's files.Set the file permissions on Lee's files to allow access to Sue.
    4. Add Sue's account to the administrator's group.Instruct Sue to take ownership of the files.
    5. Instruct Sue, to use the cipher command to decrypt the files.

    Answer: A, E

  10. A junior server operator has recently read an article on a web site, which stated that better server performance could be gained by 'tweaking' registry settings.Using Regedt32, he has made several changes to registry settings on one server.When he restarted the computer, the 'Loading Windows 2000' screen freezes, and the Windows GUI never appears.You now want to restore this server to an operational state as quickly as possible.What should you do?

    1. Start the computer in safe mode.Manually set the registry settings back to their original state.
    2. Restart the computer by using the Recovery Console.Use the FIXBOOT command to restore the registry.
    3. Restore the operating system from tape backup.
    4. Restart the computer by using the last known good configuration.

    Answer: D

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