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MCSE Sample Questions : Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

Microsoft Windows 2000 Server

  1. You are attempting to use Windows Update to apply the latest patches and service pack to a Windows 2000 domain controller.You are logged in with a user account that is a member of the server operator's group.When you attempt to apply the updates found on the Windows Update site, you receive an ''Access Denied'' message.What do you need to do to apply the updates to servers in your network?

    1. Have your user account added to the Power Users group.
    2. Have your account added to the Administrators group.
    3. Run Windows Update as a service on the computer.
    4. Ensure that the computer has an active Internet connection.

    Answer: B

  2. You are the administrator for your company's network.You have created a shared folders on one server to hold information about an impending company merger.The Corp_Executives group has access to this folder, and the administrators group has ownership of the folder.The company CFO (Chief Financial Officer), who is a member of the Corp_Executives group has saved a spreadsheet to this folder.Though the CFO is out of town, you are told that there is an immediate need to delete this file from the server.You need to delete the file without modifying the permissions of any of the other files in the folder.What should you do?

    1. Grant yourself Full Control permission to the shared folder.Delete the file.Remove your
    2. Full Control permission to the folder.
    3. Grant yourself Modify permission for the folder and its sub-objects.Delete the file.Then remove Modify permission for the folder.
    4. Log on to the server using the CFO's user account.Delete the file and log off. Take ownership of the file.Grant yourself Modify permission for the file.Delete the file.

    Answer: D

  3. You want to upgrade a Windows NT Server 4.0 computer named ServerB to Windows 2000 Server.ServerB is a member server in a Windows 2000 domain named domain runs in native mode.You want to change the role of ServerB from a member server to a domain controller in the same domain.What should you do?(Choose two.)

    1. Reinstall Windows NT Server 4.0 on ServerB in the same WINNT folder, and make ServerB a BDC in the sales domain.Upgrade ServerB to Windows 2000 Server.
    2. Use Server Manager on ServerB and promote ServerB to a PDC for the sales domain.Upgrade ServerB to Windows 2000 Server.
    3. Upgrade ServerB to Windows 2000 Server, then use the Active Directory Installation wizard to make ServerB a domain controller.
    4. Remove the installation of Windows NT 4.0.Install Windows 2000 Server and use the Active Directory Installation wizard to make ServerB a domain controller.

    Answer: C

  4. You are a server operator for a large enterprise network.You will be adding 40 new rack mounted servers to support internet services for a new web based application.You will need to install Windows 2000 server with Internet Information Services.The computers will all have the same hardware configuration.You want to automate the installation and install Windows 2000 Server from a network share.You copy the I386 directory from a Windows 2000 Server CD onto an existing server, and share the folder.What additional steps must you take to automate the installation?(Choose three.)

    1. Create a set of installation boot disks by using Makeboot.exe.
    2. Create an MS-DOS network boot disk.
    3. Create an Unattend.txt file by using Setup Manager.Create a UDF file that names the new computers.
    4. Create a UDF file by using setup manager.Create an Unattend.txt file that names the new computers.
    5. Begin the installation by running the Winnt command with the /S, /U, and /udf switches.
    6. Begin the installation by running the Winnt32 command with the /s, /unattend, and /udf switches.

    Answer: B, C, E

  5. You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 network.Your company is expanding its office space into another building.The new network segment is separated from the existing network by a router.You want to install a new Windows 2000 Server computer as the first computer on the new segment.You configure a scope for the new segment on the existing DHCP server.The new scope has a network address of the installation of the new Windows 2000 Server, you specify that the server should obtain its IP address from an existing DHCP server.After you complete the installation, you run the ipconfig command and find that the new server's assigned IP address is, with a subnet mask of and none of the DHCP options have been applied.You want to make sure that computers added to this segment receive correct configurations from the DHCP server.What are three possible solutions to this problem?(Choose three.)

    1. Configure the router to forward BOOTP broadcasts.
    2. Authorize the new server in Active Directory Users and Computers.
    3. Add a DHCP Relay Agent computer to the new segment.
    4. Manually configure the default gateway settings for the new server.
    5. Add a WINS server to the new routed segment.
    6. Configure the new server to be the DHCP server for the new segment.

    Answer: A, C, F

  6. You are the network administrator for a financial services company.You have installed a set of custom applications on three servers.These applications include several data files and COM+ components.Because these applications will be part of an important business process, you want to ensure that a complete backup of all applications is done daily.What should be included in your daily backup plan?(Choose all that apply)

    1. The application data folders.
    2. The Winnt\System32\Com folder.
    3. The SYSTEM.DAT and USER.DAT files.
    4. The System State data.

    Answer: D

  7. Your network contains a Windows 2000 Domain, as well as several NetWare servers.You are installing a new Windows 2000 server as a Gateway for one of the NetWare servers.You install Gateway Services for NetWare on the server, and find that you are not able to connect to the NetWare server.What is the most likely problem?

    1. NetBIOS must be enabled for the NWLink protocol.
    2. The NWLink protocol frame configuration is wrong.
    3. You need to install Client Services for NetWare.
    4. You must install the SAP Agent for NetWare.

    Answer: B

  8. You are providing automation solutions for a small company.The network contains 18 Windows 2000 Professional computers, and 6 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation computers.You have installed a Windows 2000 Domain controller, and a Windows 2000 Server as a file and print server.You have just installed a printer on the print server.The users of the Windows 2000 Professional client computers are able to send documents to the printer.However, when users of Windows NT Workstation 4.0 client computers try to print, they receive the error message shown in the exhibit (See the exhibit below).What can you do to ensure that all clients can use this printer?

    1. Copy the Windows NT 4.0 Printer Drivers to the WINNT\System32 folder on all Windows NT 4.0 workstation computers.
    2. Copy the Windows NT 4.0 printer drivers to the Netlogon shared folder on the domain controller.
    3. Create a domain policy to install the printer software on all computers.
    4. Change the sharing options on the printer to install additional drivers for Windows NT 4.0.

    Answer: D

  9. You are the administrator of a Windows 2000 network.To simplify administration of printers, you are configuring a server named PRINTSERV to act as a print server for all printers in your network.One printer is a line printer connected to a UNIX computer.The UNIX computer host name is UNIX1 with an IP address of printer queue is named REPORTS.What should you do to allow this printer to be accessed from the new print server?

    1. Create a local printer on PRINTSERV.Create an LPR port for a server address of and supply REPORTS as the queue name.
    2. Create a local printer.Create a port using the name \\UNIX1\REPORTS.
    3. Create a network printer and specify as the network name and REPORTS as the share name.
    4. Install the LPR protocol on each client computer that will use the printer.Connect the printer to an LPR port for IP address and supply REPORTS as the queue name.

    Answer: A

  10. Your Windows 2000 Server computer uses a non-Plug and Play ISA network card configured to use IRQ 5.This network card is used to connect to an isolated segment of legacy servers.You add a PCI network card to connect the computer to the rest of your company network.When you restart the computer, you do not have network connectivity.In Device Manager, you notice an IRQ conflict between the two modems.Both modems are trying to use IRQ 5.What should you do to resolve the problem?

    1. Use Device Manager to change the IRQ for the original modem to IRQ 4.
    2. Use Device Manager to change the IRQ for the PCI modem to IRQ 4.
    3. In the computer BIOS, reserve IRQ 5 for legacy devices.
    4. In the computer BIOS, disable plug and play detection.

    Answer: C

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