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General MCSE Sample Questions

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is a certification in networking that is introduced by Microsoft to certify the individuals who want to make their career in the field of computer networks. In other words, it conducts examination related to Windows NT Workstation, operating system, etc. It is the most popular certification/ training program that helps in getting a job in the networking related field. There is a set of question answer series related to networking that would help you to attain the certification degree, thereby getting a job in this field.

  1. The internet service manager is used to manager ______________ service of Window NT Workstation?

    1. Peer to peer service
    2. Remote access service
    3. Netware client service
    4. Peer web service
    5. None of these

    Answer: D

  2. What is the purpose of IE (Internet Explorer)?

    1. Manage relational database management system
    2. Viewing network files system
    3. Creating slide show presentation
    4. Viewing Web based graphical and text content
    5. None of these

    Answer: D

  3. What is a common in FTP command line utility and IE?

    1. Bothe can download files from internet
    2. Both can send and receive data via email
    3. Both can view data and files being transferred
    4. Both can monitor the performance of remote system
    5. Both can share the same network

    Answer: A

  4. What is the full form of HAL?

    1. Hardware Abstract Layer
    2. High Abstract Layer
    3. Hardware Abstraction Layer
    4. Host Abstract Layer
    5. None of these

    Answer: C

  5. Which of the services are required by TCP/IP when installed on Windows NT Workstation?

    1. Remote access services
    2. Peer to peer services
    3. Peer web services
    4. NetWare client services
    5. None of these

    Answer: C

  6. How can you allow access to a NetWare file server for larger group?

    1. Using intranet
    2. Using GSNW
    3. Using NWLink
    4. Using Ethernet
    5. Using CSNW

    Answer: B

  7. NetWare server use which transfer protocol by default?

    1. FTP
    2. TCP/IP
    3. IPX/SPX
    4. NetBIOS
    5. None of these

    Answer: C

  8. Which type of frame setting is used for network adapters?

    1. Auto
    2. Ethernet 802.3
    3. Ethernet 803.2
    4. Ethernet 802.1
    5. All the above

    Answer: A

  9. ____________ maintains a copy of primary domain controller database?

    1. Backup browser
    2. Primary database
    3. Secondary database
    4. Backup domain controller
    5. Election packet

    Answer: D

  10. What does the command start/low <application> do?

    1. Launches an application at low execution priority
    2. Adds an application to the start menu
    3. Filtering network packets
    4. All the above
    5. None of these

    Answer: A

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