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General MCSE Sample Questions

MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) is a certification course that is developed by Microsoft for those interested candidate who want to develop their skills in the field of networking and technology. This certification course covers main topics related to networking such as LAN, WAN, booting, FAT, NTFS, DNA, DHCP, Workgroups, Domains, Network Browsing and all the other concepts of networking. Let us go through some of the question and answered related to networking. For achieving MCSE certification you need to pass MCSE exam and this question answer will certainly help you in cracking the interview as well.

  1. Name the effective way to reduce redundancy of files?

    1. Stripe set
    2. Convert the partition to FAT
    3. Convert the partition to NTFS
    4. Disk Duplexing
    5. Compression

    Answer: E

  2. When the computer is booted, which process is used for implemented for security user interface?

    1. Booting interface
    2. Access token
    3. WinLogon
    4. Accounts dialog box
    5. None of these

    Answer: C

  3. Which of the given option describes which user has access to an object and the type of access?

    1. Account logout automatically
    2. Logon authentication
    3. Logon security warning
    4. Access control list
    5. None of the above

    Answer: D

  4. Which of the following option creates a security access manager process?

    1. Access token
    2. Attribute token
    3. User permission account
    4. WinLogon
    5. Access Control

    Answer: A

  5. Why is DLC protocol used when installing Windows NT Workstation?

    1. Transfer of file between peer clients
    2. Communication within the networked HP printers
    3. Connecting the servers
    4. Managing the UNIX machine
    5. None of these

    Answer: B

  6. For automate the logon process, which of the following option is used under WinLogon Registry Key?

    1. DomainName and UserName
    2. LogonName and UserName
    3. DefaultDomainName and DefaultUserName
    4. DefaultLogonName and DefaultUserName
    5. DefaultDomainUser and DefaultUserName

    Answer: C

  7. The default directory (Inetpub/ftproot) is basically used for?

    1. To store files and documents
    2. To configure the settings
    3. To communicate between the clients
    4. To store ACLs documents
    5. To store files to be accessed via FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

    Answer: E

  8. What is the use of Telnet?

    1. Uploading the files
    2. Downloading the files
    3. Establish a command-line connection with UNIX
    4. Sending and receiving emails
    5. None of these

    Answer: C

  9. What is the use of WINS on a network?

    1. Maintaining dynamic routing table
    2. Creating IP address
    3. Microsoft NetBIOS name resolution to IP addresses
    4. Assigning IP address to clients
    5. None of these

    Answer: C

  10. What is the use of DNA on NT network?

    1. Maintaining dynamic routing table
    2. Sending and receiving emails
    3. Domain name resolution to IP address
    4. Assigning IP address to clients
    5. Remote access service

    Answer: C

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