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An MCAT writing sample is given below. It covers every aspect of understanding the statement and then talks about the pros and cons of the statement. It discusses how all types of politicians; wealthy or otherwise can be good leaders. But writing sample is different from writing answers for MCAT Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions and MCAT Physical Sciences Sample Questions

Wealthy politicians cannot represent the common people suitably.

Leaders who have climbed the ladder of leadership from the bottom to the top are always better than those who inherit leadership. Same is the case with politicians. After all politicians too are political leaders. Hence, those who come from amongst the people make better representation of the people. We can draw evidence from history to support this fact. A politician who is born in a wealthy family cannot empathize with the common man as he is used to all the comforts of life. It is a politician who has suffered the same things as the common man can understand their position and can serve them in a much more effective way.

History has many examples to demonstrate that the best politicians to have walked on the face of this earth have been those whom the people can identify with. People support such politicians more as compared to those who are wealthy. Former President Abraham Lincoln was born in what was a simple family. But he proved to be a great leader. In the times of Civil War and for his mission to get rid of slavery, he showed great leadership finesse and was able to resolve matters that were very complex in nature. By the time he was re-elected to serve this second term slavery was uprooted from the nation. After the civil war he was able to take swift control in bringing about reconstruction. He played a vital role in ensuring America a Republic Government. Other renowned politicians who had humble beginnings were Vladimir Lenin and Mahatma Gandhi. Although their ways of revolution were poles apart, they were very popular figures.

But in the great country, America has seen politicians who were wealthy but still made good administrators. Former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR as he was famously known) was elected at the depth of the Great Depression. But his optimism and persistence saw the country emerge out of it and become a strong economic force. He is the only President to have served more than two terms due to his administrative qualities in difficult financial times. In fact he was elected four times and his role during the Second World War is also well known. Another such example of a wealthy politician is that of Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

We can say that a majority of good politicians have been those who came from within the common people. But history has records of wealthy men being good politicians too. To conclude we can say, the good leader must have the sound ability to convey motives behind his action and the skill to empathize and move a nation sensitively.

Above is an example for the Writing Sample Question for MCAT covering all the aspects of answering it. Keep checking back for more MCAT Biological Sciences Sample Questions in our other segments.

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