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An MCAT writing sample is given below. It covers every aspect of understanding the statement and then talks about the positives as well as negative points of the statement. It discusses the type of laws that can be changed and those which canít be. But answering MCAT Verbal Reasoning Sample Questions is different from answering for writing sample.

Laws must be flexible in a free society so that they can be changed

In ancient times Kings used to rule various parts of the world. It was considered as a law that the king will be the ruler. Times changed and societies evolved; a new law came into existence that the people will rule and that is what we call as a free society. But even a free society needs laws to restrict the freedom. But free society means participative governance where the people can participate in law making. Laws are made in context of times when they are made. Laws made centuries ago may not be of any value or relevance in the present. Similarly laws we make today can stay forever, it is necessary to change laws as per changing times.

But why are laws made? There is some strong reason behind formulating every law, isnít it? The laws makers give in a lot of thought, have a definite purpose in mind and then they make laws. So what is the point in changing them? There are some laws that are concrete and very basic in nature. There is no need to change those laws. For example, we have criminal laws in place so that we can control the rate of crime and give adequate punishment to the criminals. There have been such laws even during the ancient times when kings were rulers. Then there are laws that give rights to the citizens like freedom of speech. All the democratic nations give this basic right to its countrymen. No wise men would like to change such laws.

So should there be no change in law? There are laws which are dynamic and need change from time to time. When most of the democracies gave people the right to vote, the voting age was fixed at 21 years. But in the 1970s transformation took place and gradually all countries followed suite and today the voting age is 18 years globally. Now some countries are considering reducing that to 17 years. The drinking age is US is 21 years. Now this is a law that needs to be changed. If a person can be wise enough to vote at 18, then that person must be mature enough to decide what is good or bad for his health. If a law has to be changed, the grounds on which the law stands must be assessed and changes must be made accordingly. Like change the law of carrying a gun has a risk, as it concerns the security of the society as a whole. It is better unchanged as it has a wider spectrum. But changing the existing traffic laws is relatively easy.

We can conclude that laws need to be and are changed in a free society. But there are certain laws that are substantial and fundamental in nature that should not be changed, while those of dynamic character can be changed according to the changing times; it will only help in better functioning of the free society.

Above is an example for the Writing Sample Question for MCAT. It discusses the situations under which laws should be and should not be changed in a free society. We have also helped you solve MCAT Physical Sciences Sample Questions and MCAT Biological Sciences Sample Questions in our other entries of this section.

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