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An LSAT writing sample is given below. It covers every aspect of understanding the scenario and putting an argument for one of the options to be better. But writing sample is different from answering LSAT Sample Reading Comprehension Passage Questions and LSAT Analytical Reasoning Questions.

  1. The Smiths’ is a couple on the verge of retirement. They are planning for their retirement. They are currently staying in a large metropolis where they have stayed all their working years. After retirement they plan to move to a smaller, slow-paced neighborhood. They will sell off their three bedroom house and buy a smaller two bedroom residence at the place they will move to. They are looking at two possible options. Write an argument for one of the options, with two guidelines:

  • The Smiths' earnings will be significantly lower after retirement, and so they plan to reduce their cost of living
  • The Smiths' would like to spend their retirement by indulging in a wide range of cultural and leisure activities

There is a popular winter resort neighborhood, Haven Hill, which is about 100 miles from the nearest metropolis. During winter tourists from around the world visit Haven Hill for cross-country and downhill skiing. Residents can indulge in activities like hiking and fishing in the calm off-season. The locality boasts of a lively fine-arts scene and an annual film festival is also hosted here. The price for a house in Haven Hill is something the Smiths’ can afford after selling their current residence. They also have an option of giving accommodation to tourists during the winter season at a comparatively higher rent when compared to the charges for off season renting.

The village of Brookville, NY is a half hour drive from the New York City. Buying the residence here may cost less than what the Smiths’ current house is, and its proximity to New York City is a big advantage. The Long Island University has started many cultural activities in the village and it also conducts some training programs for senior citizens in case you want to have an active retirement and the courses are offered on a discount to senior citizens. They also offer part-time jobs to those who clear these courses. The university also boasts of an impressive art gallery and library, which is free for public. The village also hosts annual music concerts and literary competitions.

Overall the second option seems to be better as it offers a more dynamic environment and also has better options for a consistent income. In case of health emergencies too, the village is better equipped as it is surrounded by many cities. Travelling also is more feasible as there are two major airports within 20 miles from the heart of the village and road connectivity is greater. And the biggest advantage of all is its closeness to New York City.

Above is an example for the Writing Sample Question for LSAT covering all the aspects of answering it. Keep checking back to find more LSAT Sample Logical Reasoning Questions in our other segments.

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