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  1. Newhall City's television is choosing between two shows on steroid drug use. Write an argument supporting one show over the other based on the following considerations:

    • The station wants to attract younger viewers to its informational programs.
    • The station wants its educational programs to be recognized for their in-depth analysis.

    LSAT writing sample passage is as follows:

    "A Question of Health" is an investigation of teenage steroid use in Newhall City's four high schools narrated by Martene Seligman, prizewinning health columnist for the local newspaper. Seligman interviews a number of local students as well as school administrators, coaches, and faculty about the effects of steroid use on the students' lives. She also visits local hospitals and counseling centers to interview doctors and psychologists, who outline the serious physical and psychological effects of using steroids. Included in the show are detailed descriptions of treatment options available in Newhall City and their costs, as well as advice for parents who suspect their children of using steroids.

    "David's Game" follows the story of 16-year-old David Worsley, a high school track star from another city who was removed from the team and lost a college scholarship offer after using and selling steroids. A physician who worked with David is interviewed, but the show focuses primarily on David, his family, and his teammates, all of whom describe how David's increasing dependence on steroids gradually distorted both his appearance and his personality. Family and friends discuss their helplessness as they watched him become more aggressive and violent. David explains the pressures he felt to excel in sports, to the exclusion of all other interests, and he suggest ways in which the larger culture intensified this pressure. David ends the show by directing a plea to other teenagers to avoid steroids.

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