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Analytical Reasoning

  1. It can be proved by an example that our words are devoid of meaning as they cannot be distinguished from their opposites. People think that they are aware of the difference between the meanings of 'bald' and 'having hair' Let us suppose that an average twenty-one year old has X strands of hair on his or her head. We say that such a person is not bald but has hair. But surely one hair less would make no difference, and a person with X - 1 hairs on his or her head would be said to have hair. Suppose we go on like this, decreasing one hair at a time, the result would be the same. Then what difference would there be between someone who has one hair and someone who has none? We call them both bald. Thus, we cannot make a distinction between the terms 'bald' and 'having hair.'

    Among the following statements, which statement best counters the argument above?

    1. The word 'bald' can be translated into other languages.
    2. A word can have more than one meaning.
    3. A word such as 'monkey' can be applied to several animals that differ in some respects.
    4. Words can lack precision without being meaningless.
    5. People cannot think clearly without using words.

    Ans : D

  2. Virus M helps in controlling the population of gnats; they manage to do this by killing the moth's larvae. Though the virus is always present in the larvae, it is only every six or seven years that the virus seriously decimates the numbers of larvae, greatly reducing the population of the gnats. Scientists are of the opinion that the gnats, usually latent, are activated only when the larvae experience biological stress.

    In case the above mentioned scientists are correct, it can be inferred that the decimation of gnat populations by the virus M could be most probably activated by the following conditions?

    1. A shift by the gnats from drought areas to a normal area occupied by them
    2. The resultant stress from defoliation of trees attacked by the gnats for the second consecutive year.
    3. Attacks on the larvae by all kinds by parasitic wasps and flies.
    4. Starvation of the gnat larvae due to over population.
    5. Spraying of gnat infested areas with laboratory - raised Virus M.

    Ans : D

  3. In a particular code, the digits from 0 to 9 inclusive are each represented by a different letter of the alphabet, the letter always representing the same digit. In case the following sum

    B O P B
    + S K B
    C V B Q

    holds true when it is expressed in digits, which of the following cannot be properly inferred:

    1. B cannot be 0.
    2. B must be less than 5.
    3. Q must be even.
    4. O + S must be greater than 8.
    5. C must be greater than B by 1.

    Ans : B

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