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Analytical Reasoning

Questions 42 - 45

  1. The microbe A causes the contagious disease A.
  2. The first symptoms appear after a period of two days since the microbe A enters the body.
  3. The microbe A is found in some flies and bees.
  4. A fly bit Jack on Monday, February 6.
  5. Nick worked with Jack the next day, Tuesday, February 7.

There were no other possibilities of exposure to Disease A.

  1. In case Jack showed symptoms of Disease A, which of the following statements would be true?
    1. Jack contracted the Disease A from Nick.
    2. Jack first noticed symptoms of Disease A on February 8.
    3. The fly that Jack was bitten by was not a carrier of the microbe A.
    1. I only
    2. II only
    3. III only
    4. I and II only
    5. I and III only

    Ans : B

  2. In case Nick displayed symptoms of the disease A, which among the following would be true?
    1. I only
    2. II only
    3. III only
    4. II and III only
    5. I, II and III

    Ans : D

  3. In case Jack displayed symptoms of Disease A, which would be true?
    1. Jack was also bitten by a fly on February 5.
    2. Jack was bitten by a mosquito which carried the microbe A.
    3. Nick contracted Disease A from Jack.
    1. I only
    2. II only
    3. III only
    4. I and II only
    5. II and III only

    Ans : D

  4. In case Nick displayed the symptoms of Disease A which would be true?
    1. Nick was bitten by a bee on February 6.
    2. Nick ate food which contained the microbe A.
    3. Nick also worked with Jack on February 6.
    1. I only
    2. II only
    3. III only
    4. I and II only
    5. I, II and III

    Ans : A

Questions 46 - 47

The principal evil in today's society is selfishness. Everywhere we see people, who are concerned only with themselves. Personal advancement is the only motivating force in the world today. This does not mean that individuals are not willing to help one another; on the contrary, _________. But, these are only short-term occurrences which ultimately serve our long-term goal of personal gain.

  1. To fill in the blank in the above passage, select one of the options from the below mentioned options:
    1. we are always trying to undermine others’ endeavors.
    2. my uncle Jeremy used to help me with my homework.
    3. no one can be trusted, not even close friends.
    4. our yearning for power prevents us from understanding our existential purpose.
    5. there are many occasions when we graciously offer our assistance.

    Ans : E

  2. Which among the following options would most strongly contradict the author's attitude towards society?
    1. The greatest strength of society is altruism.
    2. The forces of good will ultimately triumph over evil.
    3. Our short-term actions may ostensibly contradict our long-term goals.
    4. We must all learn the art of selfishness.
    5. Morality is the bedrock of a growing community.

    Ans : A

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