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Analytical Reasoning

Questions 13 - 15

Come back with us to the real America leaving behind the turmoil of civilization. The real America is still inhabited by the eagle, the buffalo, the mountain lion and elk; it is still spacious, sprawling and majestic. Experience the freedom and serenity still to be found in

  1. Choose the best option to complete the above statement:
    1. the natural beauty of our land
    2. the fascinating urban centers
    3. the wild terrain of Africa
    4. one's own subconscious
    5. the great sprawling cities of the Southwest

    Ans : A

  2. The above paragraph is most likely to appear in which of the following?
    1. A Hunter's Guide to The United States
    2. Exploring the Great Outdoors
    3. The Quiet Beauty of Alaska
    4. How the Eagle Became Extinct
    5. Returning to America

    Ans : D

  3. When I am elected, I will work towards effecting those changes for which I have been fighting all these years. We will work together to do away with the bureaucratic bogs which have existed ever since my opponent took office. Everyone of you knows what I stand for; I invite my opponent to ...

    For completion of the above statement choose the best option:

    1. hand in his resignation graciously
    2. make his stance clear
    3. stop lying to the public
    4. get our city more federal aid
    5. extend his support to me

    Ans : B

  4. We can never make our beliefs regarding the world certain. Even scientific theory of a most rigorous and well-confirmed nature is likely to change over a decade or even tomorrow. If we refuse to even try to understand, then it is like resigning from the human race. Undoubtedly life of an unexamined kind is worth living in other respects--as it is no mean thing to be a vegetable or an animal. It is also true that a man wishes to see this speculative domain beyond his next dinner.

    From the above passage it is clear that the author believes that

    1. men would not do well to speculate
    2. progress in the scientific field is impossible
    3. one should live life with the dictum 'what will be will be'
    4. men should ignore their animal needs
    5. men are different from animals as far as their reasoning abilities are concerned.

    Ans : E

Questions 17-21

Two or more essences out of a stock of five essences-- L, M, N, O, and P are used in making all perfumes by a manufacturer. He has learned that for a blend of essences to be agreeable it should comply with all the rules listed below.

A perfume containing L, should also contain the essence N, and the quantity of N should be twice as that of L.
A perfume containing M, must also have O as one of its components and they should be in equal proportion.
A single perfume should never contain N as well as O.
O and P should not be used together.
A perfume containing the essence P should contain P in such a proportion that the total amount of P present should be greater than the total amount of the other essence or essences used.

  1. Among the following which is an agreeable formula for a perfume?
    1. One part L, one part P
    2. Two parts M, two parts L
    3. Three parts N, three parts L
    4. Four parts O, four parts M
    5. Five parts P, five parts M

    Ans : D

  2. Adding more amount of essence N will make which of the following perfumes agreeable?
    1. One part L, one part N, five parts P
    2. Two parts M, two parts N, two parts P
    3. One part M, one part N, one part P
    4. Two parts M, one part N, four parts P
    5. Two parts N, one part O, three parts P

    Ans : A

  3. Among the following, the addition of which combination would make an unagreeable perfume containing two parts N and one part P agreeable?
      (A) One part L (B) One part M (C) Two parts N (D) One part O (E) Two parts P

    Ans : E

  4. Among the following which combination cannot be used together in an agreeable perfume containing two or more essences?
    1. L and M
    2. L and N
    3. L and P
    4. M and O
    5. P and N

    Ans : A

  5. Among the below mentioned formulas, which can be made agreeable by the eliminating some or all of one essence ?
    1. One part L, one part M, one part N, four parts P
    2. One part L, two parts N, one part O, four parts P
    3. One part L, one part M, one part O, one part P
    4. Two parts L, two parts N, one part O, two parts P
    5. Two parts M, one part N, two parts O, three parts P

    Ans : B

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