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Analytical Reasoning

  1. According to the laws pertaining to the use of recyclable containers, beverages are sold only in reusable containers. The people who object to such laws point out that the collection of reusable bottles requires gasoline, and washing them requires water; but, it takes less water to wash these containers than it does to make throwaway bottles. The expenditure saved due to the saved water exceeds the cost of the gasoline used to transport empty bottles.

    The above passage directly answers which of the below mentioned objections to recyclable beverage containers?

    1. It is likely that consumers will continue to discard even the recyclable containers.
    2. Consumers will find it an inconvenience to return bottles.
    3. The extra expense involved in recycling would raise the prices of beverages.
    4. Recycling would be detrimental to the glass and plastic industries, which produce containers.
    5. Recycling of containers only partially answers the problem of disposal of solid waste.

    Ans : C

  2. A recently conducted study reveals that the prospects for success in later schooling for 3-5 old children were improved by a particular educational plan. From this it follows that the introduction of similar education plans for all 3-5 year old children will lead to an improvement in their chances for success in later schooling.

    Which among the following would weaken the above argument if true?

    1. Parents of preschool children in the United States get attracted to fads in the educational field, without having a clear idea of the type of early educational plans which would benefit their children.
    2. The cognitive abilities of children are constantly changing between ages three and five
    3. The people who conducted the research included quite a few children who had earlier been exposed to another educational enrichment program.
    4. Many parents are of the view that formal training at an early age takes up the time, which the children could better spend exploring their worlds independently.
    5. To establish such educational programs at a national level would require extraordinary public expense.

    Ans : C

Questions 95 - 97

Three girls Joan, Rita, and Kim and two boys Tim and Steve are the only dancers in a dance program, which consists of six numbers in this order: One a duet; two a duet; three a solo; four a duet; five a solo; and six a duet.

None of the dancers is in two consecutive numbers or in more than two numbers.
The first number in which Tim appears is the one that comes before the first number in which Kim appears.
The second number in which Tim appears is one that comes after the second number in which Kim appears.

  1. Which among the following is a complete and accurate list of those numbers that could be the last one in which Kim performs?
    1. Three
    2. Four
    3. Five
    4. Three, Four
    5. Four, Five

    Ans : E

  2. Rita must perform only in duets if
    1. Kim is in number two
    2. Kim is in number five
    3. Tim is in number one
    4. Tim is in number two
    5. Tim is in number six

    Ans : D

  3. In case Steve is in number five, number four must consist of
    1. two women
    2. two men
    3. Tim and a woman
    4. Rita and a man
    5. Kim and a man

    Ans : A

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