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Analytical Reasoning

Questions 57 - 59

A bus has exactly six stops on its route. The bus first stops at stop one and then at stops two, three, four, five, and six respectively. After the bus leaves stop six, the bus turns and returns to stop one and repeats the cycle. The stops are at six building that are, in alphabetical order L, M, N, O, P, and Q.

P is the third stop.
M is the sixth stop.
The stop O is the stop immediately before Q.
N is the stop immediately before L.

  1. In case N is the fourth stop, which among the following must be the stop immediately before P ?
    1. O
    2. Q
    3. N
    4. L
    5. M

    Ans : B

  2. In case L is the second stop, which among the following must be the stop immediately before M ?
    1. N
    2. L
    3. P
    4. O
    5. Q

    Ans : E

  3. In case a passenger gets on the bus at O, rides past one of the stops, and gets off at P, which of the following must be true ?
    1. O is stop one.
    2. Q is stop three.
    3. P is stop four.
    4. N is stop five.
    5. L is stop six.

    Ans : A

  4. A survey recently conducted revealed that marriage is fattening. The survey found that on an average, women gained 23 pounds and men gained 18 pounds during 13 years of marriage. The answer to which among the following questions would be the most appropriate in evaluating the reasoning presented in the survey ?
    1. Why is the time period of the survey 13 years, rather than 12 or 14 ?
    2. Did any of the men surveyed gain less than 18 pounds during the period they were married ?
    3. How much weight is gained or lost in 13 years by a single people of comparable age to those studied in the survey ?
    4. When the survey was conducted were the women as active as the men?
    5. Will the gains seen in the study be retained over the lifetimes of the surveyed persons?

    Ans : C

  5. Classical works occupy a unique and peculiar position. They are imperishable as cultural landmarks, but the views expressed in some of the works are often superseded by newer views. But the classics survive just like ancient castles, as imposing features of the landscape, yet unsuited for habitation unless remodeled.

    The principal point put forth in the above passage is that classical works.

    1. Demand our respect and admiration even if their ideas are no longer current.
    2. Prove to be obstacles in the path of new ideas as they are unduly respected.
    3. Should be preserved and treasured as scholarly opinion keeps changing and they will come into fashion again.
    4. Lose their distinctive features as time passes.
    5. Are not given due consideration by the younger generation.

    Ans : A

  6. Experts in the field of forestry are now questioning the policy of attempting to extinguish all forest fires instead of allowing them to run their course and die out on their own. The study of forest fires indicates that in the long run, forest fires may in fact, be beneficial to the ecology as a whole.

    Among the following, which statement would logically follow from one of the ’observations’ referred to in the passage above ?

    1. Most of the forest fires are causes due to natural reasons like lightning rather than as a result of human carelessness.
    2. Every year the number of people dying as they attempt to fight forest fires is greater than the number of people who would have died or suffered injury if the fires were allowed to run their own course.
    3. Accumulation of highly flammable dead brushwood and timber, which could lead to massive uncontrollable fires is prevented by frequent small forest fires.
    4. The animal and plant life destroyed by forest fires seldom represents endangered species.
    5. Studies indicate that forest fires regularly occurred in the times prior to human occupation of forest areas.

    Ans : C

  7. There is a theory that the dinosaurs inhabiting the earth were destroyed when a huge heavenly body hit the earth. The impact of the heavenly body when it struck the earth threw a mass of pulverized debris into the atmosphere. This dust created a fog, which blocked the sunlight depleting plant life. This resulted in the perishing of the plant-eating dinosaurs; the meat-eating dinosaurs, who preyed on the plant-eaters inturn starved to death.

    Which among the following statements, would best support the above mentioned theory, if true?

    1. Enough dust has been sent into the atmosphere by modern volcanic explosions to change the color of sunsets around the world for several years.
    2. Craters formed by heavenly bodies are plentiful in several areas of the South west where many dinosaur fossils have also been found.
    3. Studies conducted recently on the bone structure of dinosaurs show that they were very agile and not ponderous awkward animals as popularly believed.
    4. The sedimentary rock strata of the earth formed from atmospheric dust at the time the dinosaurs disappeared contains minerals and other trace elements in proportions characteristic of the heavenly bodies.
    5. Many meat-and plant-eating species of mammals who coexisted with the dinosaurs continue to exist today, although with a slightly modified appearance.

    Ans : D

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