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Web Services Interview Questions

People are always found debating on the perfect definition of the concept of web services. However, it is not that hard to understand. Web services are any pieces from software that make themselves available through the Internet. They use a standard messaging system of XML. XML is useful for encoding all types of communications related to web services. An example of this is of a client invoking any web service by forwarding a message in XML format and then waiting for the response from the opposite end that is again in XML. The web services are not confined to any single operating system or any specific programming language. Java is able to connect with Pearl, or windows applications are able to connect with the applications of Unix.

What to expect in the interview for web services?

The usual practice for any interview session has a set pattern. The questions are framed and asked to candidates in different forms and every questions services different purposes. Some of the questions have the sole intention of knowing you, while the others are asked for gathering information about you. The interview questions in the technical rounds of web services companies are asked for testing the logical skill, problem solving abilities and reasoning skills of the candidates. The important thing to remember when you are confronted with the interview questions for web services is to stay calm and think. By think, we do not say over-think. The answers need to just be logical with correct application techniques.

The questions asked in the interviews for web services are not considered as right or wrong, they have to be correct in relation to the application of web based services. The technical questions asked in this perspective are asked for testing your reasoning and logical skills as mentioned above, and the candidate needs to be well adept at the applications and fundamental aspects of software. The candidate also needs to ascertain as to what technology or language is used in the company they appear for an interview.

It is always recommended that you fine tune all your technical and application skills before appearing for the interview. The best method for handling the different questions is to engage the interviewer in long dialogues; however the knowledge of the domain you aspire to work in has to be perfect.

The interviewer will test you by asking you to provide examples of live web services or the policies or standards followed in the web world. They may also ask the candidates to write some codes of the language used by the company and test your acumen in doing the same. Hence it is always advocated that the candidates prepare themselves in advance about the fundamentals of web services thoroughly before attempting the interview. Some complex questions can also be put forward to you during the interviews. The intentions of the interviewer is not to find correct answers from you, as even they are aware of the fact that you might not be abreast with the work procedures of the company you wish to work with. In such cases, the intention of the interviewer is that you at least reach closer to the correct answer.

Other important things to remember include checking the website of the company you are being interviewed by. Understand the work environment from references or reviews about the company from the Internet. This need not be difficult for a person who intends to work in the web services domain. This is a primary understanding that professionals in web services have.

Our website has compiled a list of the sample questions asked during the web services interview for your reference. Our intention is to make your interview procedure easier and successful. We wish you luck in you endevour.

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