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Test Lead Interview Questions

Software testing is performed in teams and a test lead plays an important role in the entire testing procedure. The test lead interview questions are provided for those who have enough of experience in software testing field and now wish to apply for the position of a test lead. Software testing is the process of validation or verification of a software program, software application, or software product for it fulfills the design and development requirements, functions as per the expectation, satisfies the needs of the stakeholders and customers, and is able to be implemented with the same original characteristics. A team of software testing professionals is handled by a team lead who is responsible for the final outcome of the testing process and thus, you should be very well prepared for the interview.

The interview is relatively tougher than any other testing interviews and consists of both technical as well as leadership questions. A list of such test lead interview questions along with tips on how to answer them is given below for you. Here are the top test lead interview questions that are advisable to refer to so as to land a position of test lead in a good company.

Question 1: What are the job responsibilities of a test lead?

You should be able to answer this question, since it is meant to test whether you are aware of the position and duties which you have applied for. The interviewer should be convinced that you are absolutely clear with what functions you have to perform while working as test team leader. You can start with the job duties of a team lead in testing as:

  • Elaboration of the test plans for different projects and products
  • Execution of these plans
  • Keeping follow-ups of the executed plans
  • On time testing of the deliverable products or applications
  • Development of testing strategy and the automatic testing software
  • Development and specification of test cases
  • Production testing
  • Test report or test result documentation
  • Leading the team

Question 2: What experience do you have in this field?

  1. Answer structure

    You can answer this question in the following steps:

    • List your relevant experiences and responsibilities of each of your work in the past
    • Then present 1 3 achievements and difficulties in each job
    • Synthesize what you learn from these experiences

  2. Answer tips

    • First you should note that: detail your experience you have in your resume
    • With the unique experience for your applying job, highlight it in the key competencies

The most important among those experiences is the learning ability as well as the skills gained in this job.

Question 3: If your customer has reported several defects in daily balance report and is not satisfied since the problem has not been fixed even after a week, what would you do in such a situation?

This question is asked to test your ability of conflict resolution. This quality is very important to maintain customer relationship. You should be able to get on the customer specific wavelength in such a situation. Tell the interviewer that you would get the facts first from the customer, take notes, and listen to the problem carefully. Then you would initiate and establish the plan of action to resolve the problem in the program. You would focus on establishing a daily problem review process that would tend to prevent such situations in future.

Question 4: Suggest any three tools for testing in your test environment, if you are told to adopt manual testing procedure.

This is a quick test of your technical knowledge. You can suggest TestDirector for tracking defect, LoadRunner or WinRunner for load or functionality testing, and McCable. If asked, you can also elaborate on the reason behind selecting these tools.

Question 5: How would you plan the project that has dynamically changing requirements, interdependent data coming from many platforms, and shows a big risk in project execution?

The most important point that you have to mention here is that the scope of testing would concentrate on the data driven tests. Make sure that the plan that you mention should take care of the risk factor and recognize the possible risk areas.

Question 6: What is the most challenging situation you have faced during testing?

The answer to this question depends on your individual experience. Try to be realistic, not pretentious and keep your answer short. You can share with the interviewer any experience in your career that you found challenging. It can be finding an interesting bug that was very difficult to find out or analyze, or any other difficult task.

Question 7: To make a project successful, what qualities should be there in a testing team lead?

A testing team leader should possess certain qualities to make a project successful. Some of them are good listening and communication skills, technical and non-technical problem solving skills, and planning skills. A test lead should have soft speaking skills, and a confident, inspiring, dedicating, and motivating personality. A team lead should always encourage teamwork and overall development.

Question 8: On what parameters you evaluate your team's performance?

Evaluation of the performance of team members is one of the important tasks of a lead. There are certain parameters for it set by each team leader. You can mention some of them as technical skills, competency, self initiative, sense of responsibility, outcome of the task assigned, flexibility while working, communication skills, and improvement shown throughout the task.

Question 9: You have observed that your team's testers are performing tests on the deliverable products or applications even after observing defects in them. However, this is resulting in unnecessary testing and once the defects are rectified, retesting has to be done. If you have to update the test plan, what would be your recommendations?

This is purely a technical question and specific to the task of a team lead. There are a few recommendations to update the test plan:

  • Acceptance criteria should be tightened
  • Re-evaluation of the test cases should be performed
  • More test cases should be added, if possible
  • Test cases with invalid condition should be added
  • Modification of the Stop criteria should be done

Question 10: Why do you think you would be able to do well at this job?

You need to prepare for this answer well before you appear for the interview. It is advisable to jot down your strengths, skill sets, and unique abilities through self assessment. Also list down your qualifications that are the most suitable for the job title. Emphasize on your skills, knowledge, experience, and dedication for working in the testing field. Try and convince the interviewer how fit you are for the position of a testing team lead. Be confident while answering.

Refer this guideline and you might encounter most of these questions in your next test lead interview. Refresh your technical knowledge and focus upon your leadership qualities so as to ace in the interview and win the job. Best of luck!.

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