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Performance Testing Interview Questions

Performance testing interview questions would help you get a general idea about what to expect in an absolutely technical performance testing interview. It is an important aspect in the field of testing and if you know the most likely questions and have prepared to face them, then it is not so difficult for you to crack the interview. Performance testing is carried out to determine the performance of the system in terms of stability and responses under a specific workload. It also serves to detect, measure, and verify other characteristics of the system that are resource usage, reliability, and scalability.

Most of these interview questions are technical and based on your practical knowledge. It is advisable to refresh your technical knowledge and be able to explain the technical concepts and terminologies to the interviewer. Here are the top performance testing interview questions that you would most likely come across during your next interview.

Question 1: Can you explain system testing?

This is one of the basic opening questions that is meant to make you comfortable. Therefore, just relax and try to raise your confidence level. Answer briefly in such a way that your answer ensures that you are familiar with the basics and can explain them confidently. System testing serves to affirm that the respective system fulfills the requirement specification. It also tests the entire system's behavior. The development team performs this system testing at the last step before the system is released.

Question 2: How would you differentiate between testing and debugging?

Keep your answer precise and to the point here. Testing comprises of static as well as dynamic testing life cycle activities and is performed to test whether it meets the specific requirements. On the contrary, debugging is the procedure that identifies, locates, and fixes the defect in the respective system or an application.

Question 3: Tell me some commonly used tools for load testing.

There are various testing procedures and every procedure has certain tools to perform such testing. You can mention each one of them along with one tool for each type of testing: LoadRunner for HP, rational performance tester for IBM Rational, QA load for Compuware, Neo load for Neotys, Open source tool for open STA, Silk performer for Borland, and Web load for Radview. It is better to mention the tools that you know and explain if the interviewer asks more about them.

Question 4: How load testing and performance testing are different from each other?

This is a simple question and you just need to mention the main difference between the two. Your correct answer would show your practical experience here. Performance testing checks the proper performance of the system in terms of the requests received and processed per second, and the time of response. Load testing verifies capability of the system to handle the increased load and get adapted to work for it. This ability is called scalability of the system or network. Both performance testing and load testing can take place together.

Question 5: What is boundary analysis?

The formal term used is a boundary value analysis which is one of the software testing technique. In this technique, the tests are so designed that the boundary limits of the application can be tested. Here, the test case prepared for the boundary value analysis are later used to test the bugs arising at those boundaries or over the boundaries. This particular type of strategy is used as one of the parts of black box testing.

Question 6: Tell me what is a test suite.

In software development, a test suite is a terminology used for the integration of test cases. These test cases are to be used for a software program testing to exhibit a specific behavioral set. The result of each test case from the suite is used as an input to the text. Every test suite always consists of detailed instructions regarding each test case included in it along with the required information about system configuration.

Question 7: How would you describe performance baseline testing?

Performance baseline testing is the first step of the entire performance testing procedure. Thus, it is also called benchmark testing. When the tester establishes a standard, the performance baseline testing begins. This standard is used for comparing new, unknown measurements and their performance.

Question 8: What is retesting? Is it the same as the regression testing?

This is also a simple question wherein you just need to recognize the crux of the matter. Your answer to this question should be 'No, both are not the same'. The procedure in which the tests that failed in the previous round of testing are run again for verification of the successful corrective actions taken while fixing the detected defects is known as retesting. On the other hand, the testing procedure in which the software program is checked after the modification to confirm that there are no new defects into the system.

Question 9: Explain functional and volume testing.

Keep this answer short and brief. Functional testing is meant to check the functionality of the system or an application. Whereas, volume testing tests the ability of the system to handle the increased data, increased number of users, or increased number of transactions.

Question 10: While processing performance testing, what types of bottlenecks would you come across?

Bottlenecks in the system are created by hardware, software, speed of processing, bandwidth, or any system resource. Some of the bottlenecks that you might come across while processing performance testing are increased number of resources, large amount of time, and suitable monitors for performance monitoring. The bottlenecks in performance testing tend to reduce the speed of testing and hamper the performance. They also tend to affect the capability of the system to deal with the larger loads.

Apart from these top 10 question, there might be some other questions too. While preparing for such questions, practice jotting down some extra and important questions when you do home work for the interview.

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