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Mobile Testing Interview Questions

The field of mobile testing is popular these days. Mobile testing process involves both device testing as well as application and software testing to assure the quality of mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), etc. The testing will be conducted on both hardware and software. From the view of different procedures, the testing comprises of R&D testing, factory testing, and certificate testing.

This process of testing includes a set of activities from monitoring and troubleshooting the mobile application to content and services on the real handsets. Testing is nothing but the verification and validation of hardware devices and software applications.

Many of us think about pursuing a career in this field of testing. Starting from a beginner in this domain to becoming an expert, it is interesting and helpful to know what could be the different questions that are asked to people while selecting them for various positions in the mobile testing field such as a software tester.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions in such interviews along with their most probable answers. These sample interview questions will certainly prove to be useful for you if you have been selected for an interview round for the position of a software tester.

Question 1: How would you introduce yourself?

Answer: This is the most frequently asked question in every interview you appear for. This is the first opportunity for you to impress the interviewer. Start with your introduction that includes academical and professional background. Try to keep this session as short as possible with only the necessary and relevant information. The reason for this is that the interviewer is not interested in your personal information and the education, knowledge, and skills are what the interviewer will be looking for.

Question 2: How did you develop interest in the field of mobile testing?

Answer: Mobile testing is a vast field with a wide scope for education as well as employment. You can use this fact as a baseline for your answer to this question. Instead of narrating a long story about how you developed interest in this particular topic, just talk about your fascination for electronic gadgets since childhood; especially for mobile devices, the demand for expertise in the field, and various courses as well as employment opportunities in the field of testing. Do not forget to mention that you easily and quickly grasp new information about mobile devices, software, and applications.

Question 3: What is the exact difference between mobile testing and mobile application testing according to you?

Answer: This is a factual question and you would be able to answer correctly only if you possess that particular knowledge. You can say: "Mobile testing refers to a complete testing of mobile phones which includes - protocol testing, device testing and application testing. Testing the support of four bands of mobile phones and calling in each of the band, battery, connectivity, network frequency, cell selections, handover, encryption, software compatibility, etc. along with multimedia and applications testing are what comes under mobile testing. On the other hand, mobile application testing is the testing of softwares, games and others utilities built on the mobile platform for a targeted device. Functionality of the application under different circumstances and environments is the crux of the matter here'.

Question 4: What are different types of testing mobile applications?

Answer: This is a question that tests your pure technical knowledge. An ideal answer should be like this: 'There are eight types of testing the mobile applications that depend upon the issue to be handled while testing. These modes of application testing are functional, laboratory, memory leakage, performance, interrupt, usability, installation, and certification testing'. Do elaborate a little on each of these types, only if asked to.

Question 5: How would you write a test plan? What are the things specific to mobile application would you emphasis on while writing test plan for mobile applications?

Answer: A typical test plan should encompass the following points:

Testing scope, testing strategy, test environment set-up, and control procedure. Testing scope would include testing with/without carriers, calls, data calls, wap, variant of operating systems, etc. Testing strategy would include methodologies such as unit testing, system testing, regression testing and pass/fail check-listing. Things which are subjected to check-listing are application characteristics, stability, connectivity, launching, UI and application accessing internal resources or user data. Test environment setup plays a crucial role in the testing process. Control procedure includes a few important points such as how to handle the reports, documentations, and change requests while testing is in process.

Question 6: What different devices you have worked on?

Answer: This is factual question and you just have to tell the names of the devices that you have previously worked with.

Question 7: Do you have Idea about mobile operating systems? Which operating system is present in Blackberry devices?

Answer: Your answer to this question should be just perfect, because this is what today's mobile tester must know thoroughly. A typical answer would be , "A mobile operating system, popularly known as mobile OS, is the operating system that controls a smart-phone, tablet, PDA, or other mobile devices. Modern mobile operating systems tend to combine almost all the features of a personal computer operating system with touchscreen, cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS mobile navigation, camera, video camera, speech recognition, voice recorder, music player, near field communication, personal digital assistant (PDA), and other some other features.

The one which is there in Blackberry devices is a proprietary mobile operating system, developed by Research in Motion (RIM) for the Blackberry line of smart-phone devices."

Question 8: What is location based mobile application testing?

Answer: The specialty of location based mobile testing is clear as the name itself suggests. It requires testing the application at various locations to make the application produce the desired outputs. Location based applications require field testing before launching the product.

Question 9: Do you have any questions for me?

Answer: Usually, your answer to this question should be 'yes'. Even if you do not have any doubt after the interview, think for a while and then ask at least one question. However, make sure that you ask a thoughtful and logical question. Asking doubts shows your interactive and curious nature. If you ask a few smart questions, your chance of selection would increase.

The guideline above contains almost all questions that are usually asked in the interview for the position in mobile testing field. It would be better if you follow it and do some home work too before appearing for the interview.

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