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Telecom Interview Questions

Telecommunication jobs are challenging and requires you to possess excellent communication skills and confidence to carry out the duties which includes delivery of information in its various forms. Telecommunication jobs are available in telephone, cable and computer industries and if you are set to appear for an job interview, you better need to pull up your socks and prepare well. Don't be nervous at the time of interview which is the key to success.

Even before you go for the interview, you should research well about the company and its services, so that you can understand your own priorities and determine whether the job, working conditions and job culture suits you.

While you prepare for a telecom job interview, keep the following things in mind.

  • You need to at least have a high school diploma for a telecom job. However, if you are interested for a managerial, research or sales positions, you should have a college degree to present yourself as the perfect candidate.

  • Face the interview with a confidence on your face. Jot down your strengths, abilities and experience. You need to convince the interviewer how your skills and past experience would be beneficial to their company and its growth.

  • You may practice the interview with a friend beforehand so that you may remove any bottlenecks you face and be at your best at the time of telecom interview. How you conduct yourself during the interview says a lot about your interpersonal and communication skills. So, be on guard.

  • Interviewers sometimes want to quiz you in more detail so that they can get the complete and accurate picture of how and how much has been your contribution towards completion of a past project and other job related activities. So, have all your facts right as it also provides you with an opportunity to highlight your positives and leave an impact.

  • Do not be afraid if you can't answer a question. Nobody is a know all. However, don't try to fake anything as that might put you in the bad light. Be honest in your answer and actions. That will fetch you positive reviews.

  • Keep yourself abreast with the latest competencies, skills and developments in the field pertaining to the job you are being interviewed for. This would show your interest and enthusiasm towards the job.

  • Be truthful and provide every information as it is. The interviewers often cross check the situations as described by you. So, any misinformation is likely to be detected and you will be outrightly rejected.

  • While validating your answers try to give the most challenging and recent situations that you have dealt with which are relevant to the questions asked.

  • If you are without any previous work experience, don't think that you have lost your ground. Don't neglect the relevant experiences you might have had in your life just because you did not gain them in a full time work environment. Describe any relevant activities that you might have undertaken such as some volunteer work, internships, part time jobs or any other activities which is relevant to the job you are applying for.

  • Be a good listener. Don't just go on and on narrating about your laurels and achievements. Don't interrupt the interviewer while he is asking a question.

  • The interviewer will also look for other traits like knowledge of voice telephone technology, data compression, wireless technology and computer software use.

The above are the telecom interview question to expect as you go for a job interview. The key to success is to be yourself. Answer the question with confidence and in its true form. Politely say, No if you are unaware of an answer. Give your best and you would have given the best reasons for the hirer to pick you over your competitors.

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