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Tech Support Interview Questions

Technical support or tech support is a range of assistance services provided to the users of technology products such as computers, televisions, mobile phones, software products, and other electronic or mechanical products. Tech support interview questions revolve around the aspects related to computer systems and their networks. Thus, the job of a tech support personnel comes under the category of information and technology jobs. Technical support can be provided to the users on-site or over the phone. Tech support persons are also called as computer technicians and desk support officers.

Here is a list containing top 10 common tech support interview questions.

Question 1: Introduce yourself. What according to you does a tech support person do on the job?

This opening question provides you with a platform for presenting your best qualities and introduce your personality to the interviewer. Keep this introduction session as short as possible and limit your talk only to the relevant points. While talking about a typical job of a technical support person, you can tell that a tech support person attempts to solve specific problems with a technology product. Many good companies do offer free technical support for the products that they sell. The job involves handling the queries of the users. Along with solving troubleshooting problems, a tech support exceutive also handles networking problems. Other job responsibilities are to identify and replace those parts of computers that hamper its working. Computer technicians also deal with monitoring and maintenance of computers and networks, testing and evaluating latest technologies, setting up new users, and running the applications suitable to support the system as well as users.

Question 2: What are the essential qualities of a technical support person?

Technical support specialists are often responsible for identifying and correcting the problems regarding technology products. The job is relatively tougher and challenging, since it requires quick problem solving skills. Time management skills, patience, and extreme levels of efforts to solve the problem are the primary qualities of a tech support person. Other essential qualities of an aspiring desk support officer are rich knowledge and understanding concerning the technology environment, willingness to learn, efficiency of working, good communication and interpersonal skills, and troubleshooting skills. It is better if you mold yourself with these qualities that a professional computer support executive has to possess.

Question 3: On booting the PC, if you see a message saying, 'Invalid Drive Configuration', what could be the reason for this?

There can be any one of the situations mentioned below that might have caused such a message to appear on booting:

  1. If the cable of hard disc within the system unit is not attached to the Controller
  2. If the hard disc drive has not been partitioned
  3. Failure of hard disc drive

Such a short and to the point answer would be better to move to the next question. This type of an answer shows the interviewer that you have the essential basic knowledge and can readily answer such queries, if they come from the users.

Question 4: What does a '?' sign in device manager indicate?

This is a purely a technical question and your answer to this question would indicate your working practice as a technical support person. '?' sign in the device manager signifies that the device is not properly installed. This problem generally arises in case of brand new plug-in cards. The OS has a large number of drivers for variable devices that might require an additional software for a new hardware.

Question 5: Consider a case in which you received a call from such a user who has just got a brand new printer and installed it for himself. Some time after installing it, the user experiences that every time the print has to be taken, all that is obtained is garbled text rather than a good print. However, if the test page is printed fine, then how would you handle this problem?

The most possible reason for this problem could be that the customer must have installed an Incorrect Device Driver for the brand new printer. Tell the interviewer that your approach towards this problem would be to uninstall the Incorrect Driver from the Windows Device Manager and then install the correct one from the printer. If in case the desired disc is not available, then you can definitely download the correct device driver from the official website of the respective manufacturer of the product.

Question 6: Explain the features of the Disk Defragmenter Tool in Windows XP and Windows 2000. Are there some feature advantages of the Windows XP over Windows 2000?What are the features of the?

This is also a question that tests your technical knowledge. Answer confidently that the features of the Disc Defragmenter in Windows XP and Windows 2000 are the same - a compression operation, enhanced analytical functionality, and increased Defragmentation option and an Automatic Defrag-Scheduling Option. There are no any additional advantages of the Windows XP as such.

Question 7: Tell me the command for conversion of a FAT32 file system to NTFS. Explain if there is any data loss.

Enough of home work is necessary for answering this question. The command for conversion of a FAT32 file system to NTFS is: CONVERT : /fs:NTFS

However, all the data would remain safe without any loss. There will be no effect on the data. Make sure that if you want to reverse the conversion i. e. conversion of NTFS partition back to FAT32, then you would need to re-format that partition and then select the FAT32 file system.

Question 8: A new Video Driver has just been installed in your Windows XP (Professional) computer. Whenever you restart the computer, its monitor shows a blank blue screen. What would be the best way to fix this problem?

Whenever you restart the computer, keep tapping on the F8 key in order to go to the Menu named Windows Advanced Options. Out of those options, select the option named ' Last Known Good Configuration' and hit the Enter key ().

Question 9: Suggest guidelines that you would recommend for implementing security at the user level?

One of the main parts of responsibilities of a computer technician's job is security. A technical support person must be very well familiar with different methods to enforce security, since the tech support person is at the closest point of contact to the end users. Some of the guidelines are as below:

  1. Installation and regular usage of an anti-virus software on PCs
  2. Notify the helpdesk immediately after suspecting a virus attack
  3. Not to reveal password and creating it in such a way that it cannot be guessed by anyone by using a combination of alphanumeric characters or any special characters
  4. Not to leave the workstations logged in overnight
  5. Enable the screen savers that automatically lock the computers when not in use for some time

Question 10: How would you handle a customer who continuously misdiagnoses the PC issues?

Here the interviewer wants to test your customer service skills. Your communication skills are also assessed here. Thus, keep in mind that offending the customer to turn the user off to your company's support services. Thus, you need to be patient while handling this situation. The conversation should build trust about your service which would lead to resolve the problem. The very first thing you can do is to acknowledge the customer's diagnosis, then ask the customer to reproduce the problem, and then find the best possible solution on it.

Technical support deals with the specific technology product or model manufactured by a company. Knowing about the company's product is the key to gain the job. If you have received an interview call for the position of a technical support person, then you should prepare for all the possible questions that you might come across. This guideline helps you with the information on what to expect in tech support interview questions and how to answer them confidently. Wish you all the best for the interview!.

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