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Student Interview Questions

Student life starts right from the enrollment in your very first school in life. As you pursue education at higher levels such as school, high school, college, doctoral and post doctoral schools, etc., you certainly have to go through a common interview process. Even securing admission to a nursery school also requires clearing the interview round. Thus, an interview is an important aspect of a student's life. If you have applied for a specific program in some high school, graduate school, or doctoral school, then the guidelines given below will definitely help you get a general idea about the interview and clear it as well. Here are some sample interview questions for students:

Question 1: So, tell me something about yourself.

Answer: You will come across this question during almost every interview during your student life and also while searching for employment. This is the most frequently asked question because the purpose of asking this question is to make you comfortable, provide a platform for talking, and give you an opportunity to introduce yourself in brief. This short introduction session gears up the interview and thus, you should keep this session as short and to the point as possible. It is better not to go into details of personal aspects, but provide only relevant information.

Question 2: Why did you choose this particular course? How do you enjoy studying for it?

Answer: This question tests your interest, compassion, and the urge to study this subject further. Describe briefly, how you developed an interest in the subject. It is advisable to share your readings, writings, and knowledge in that subject. All this signifies your interest in your major topic and thus, the reason behind choosing the same. Do not forget to highlight that you enjoy studying it, and are always updated with the latest issues and findings in the subject.

Question 3: What is your GPA? How has been your average academic performance till now?

Answer: This question is a factual one and demands an honest answer from you. GPA scores must be mentioned, whenever asked. However, do not speak about negative academic performance on your own, if not asked by the interviewer. Average academic performance tells your usual level of scores in examination that helps the interviewer assess you to some extent.

Question 4: What according to you, are your greatest strength and weaknesses?

Answer: This is another question that helps the interviewer evaluate your personality. However, your answer to this question should be wise and intelligent. Answers like 'chocolates is my greatest weakness and friends is my greatest strength' will not be entertained by the interviewer. Answering this question demands a little self assessment that helps you recognize your strong as well as weak points. Mention only one or two points here so as to avoid boredom. Avoid mentioning points that will harm your education at that or any other institution.

Question 5: Share with us the most rewarding experience of your school life or college life.

Answer: Well, this is the golden opportunity for you to express your qualities in front of the interviewer. Think for a while and then share one of the most rewarding experiences of yours during your school life. Try and use language that would accentuate your qualities as much as possible; it can be a competition where you succeeded, an examination which you passed with flying colors, a scholarship you won, an extra-curricular activity that brings forward your strenghts, or an appreciation for your extraordinary performance.

Question 6: What are your short term career goals?

Answer: This question is generally asked to know your career plans and your ability to act accordingly. It is absolutely fine if you are not able to present your perfect career objectives. It would be wise if you give the interviewer an idea about what you wish to do in the near future and how you are planning your career. It is also fine if you mention your continual efforts towards your aim in life.

Question 7: Who or what influenced you the most?

Answer: Students usually start narrating their life story while answering this question which is absolutely not asked for. The interviewer is never interested in such long stories, as they appear irrelevant and time consuming. Just try and include the significant person or an aspect that has influenced you in your life. Describe briefly how that impact has helped you develop your principles of life and follow them. Make sure that you are not going off the track while talking.

Question 8: Give a few examples that show your leadership skills.

Answer 8: Leadership is one such quality that always takes you to a higher point compared to others. It holds great importance during your student life. Right from being a class monitor to being a general representative of the entire school or university in any field represents your leadership skills. However, which example is to be given at which interview is what matters here. Besides academics, you can also share your leadership experiences in sports, various courses, social activities, or any other extra-curricular activities.

Question 9: What are the two (or three) words that your peers would use to describe you?

Answer 9: This is another question that requires self assessment. You should think about it and keep your probable answer ready before the interview. Mention only a few qualities of yours that your friends like about you and describe you the best. One exercise that could be done while preparing for the interview is actually asking your friends what they honestly think about your personality.

Question 10: Do you have any questions for me?

Answer 10: You need some home work in order to answer this question. It is always advisable to ask at least one question to the interviewer. This shows your curious nature and an ability to interact with others without any hesitation. Your questions are supposed to be logical and thoughtful so as to impress the interviewer.

Follow these guidelines when you are going to appear for any interview at a high school or a graduate school. Logical answers, if given confidently, ensure that you crack the personal interview to enter the next round of the admission procedure to enroll in your desired program.

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