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Medical School Interview Questions

Different medical schools have different styles of interviewing candidates before enrolling them into their institute. Therefore, you need to prepare well by considering all these aspects so that you are able to answer all types of questions asked by any medical school. The following set of questions will give you an insight into the type of medical school interview questions that you might face while seeking admission to a medical school. There are sample answers as well so that you get an idea about how you can answer them in a much better manner.

Question 1: What kind of a person are you in your day to day life? OR Describe yourself.

Answer 1: This one is the most common interview questions where you need to describe about your personal qualities, which are related to medicine. Give a brief introduction about all those qualities which are a must for succeeding in this field. It would be better if you support these qualities with examples so that the answer sounds real. However, make sure that you keep the answer short and simple while retaining to the quality.

Question 2: Why do you want a career in Medicine? OR Why do you want to become a physician?

Answer 2: This question is for evaluating your passion for Medicine and how you can be of benefit to people with your service. This means that you need to exhibit your intellectual interest in the field instead of showing your materialistic aims for choosing the health care sector.

Question 3: Name some of the qualities which you would like to change in yourself the most? OR What are your weak/negative points?

Answer 3: You need to take a lot of precautions while answering these types of questions, because if you jumble up your words and mention weaknesses that are in conflict with the most required qualities for this job, you might find your selection in danger. Therefore, take your time and think before you answer Saying that you do not have any weaknesses or weak points will not help you at all. Stick to the weaknesses that you have encountered in your professional life or while attending school and try not to mention personal weaknesses.

Question 4: What do you like about yourself the most? OR What are your strong/positive points?

Answer 4: This question gives you a chance to shift the focus of the interviewers towards your strengths required for becoming a good physician. Mention your strong points in descending order starting with the best and the most important ones and then ending with the basic requirements. If you have completed some certification or correspondence courses, this is the most appropriate time to bring them to the notice of the interviewers.

Question 5: How did you accomplish a challenging task assigned to you?

Answer 5: The interviewer is trying to assess your problem solving skills and how quick you are at making the right decision in case of emergencies and in challenging situations. Therefore, make sure that whatever answer you frame for this question, it must convey these skills. If your answer fails to highlight these points, then the interviewers will not get what they are looking for.

Question 6: What are the essential qualities for being a good physician?

Answer 6: Here the interviewers are asking you to define a good doctor in your terms. This will convey them whether you are aware of your duties or not and how well do you know the medical field. Stating the basic skills such as efficiency, reliability, loyalty, and hard work will not benefit you much because these are the skills common to many types of interviews. Therefore, understand the importance of this question and impress the interviewers by giving them what they want.

Question 7: How you will benefit our medical school? OR Why should we enroll you into our college/institute?

Answer 7: Questions from this category are for finding out whether the candidates have done their research about the institute or college before appearing for the interview. An informed and educated answer will show the interviews panel how interested you are in becoming a part of their medical school.

Question 8: How will you react if you are not selected?

Answer 8: These types of questions are asked in order to judge your attitude towards work and life. A negative answer will put your selection in jeopardy. However, saying that, 'I do not mind if I fail this time. I will try to get over my weaknesses and perform in a much better way and try my best to succeed in my next interview', will increase your chances of selection.

Question 9: Are you a team player? OR Do you like to work with a team?

Answer 9: The medical sector demands strong inter-personal skills, because you need to interact with many types of people everyday. Moreover, you need to have a sense of responsibility towards humanity so that you can provide the ill and injured with mental support as well. Give examples of situations where you gave priority to the needs of the team you were working with.

Question 10: Describe the relationship between a physician and a patient?

Answer 10: This question is to assess some of the basic skills that are essential for being a successful physician. Here you need to give examples of where you have catered not only to the medical needs of your patients, but also provided them with emotional support as well. Convey to the interviewer, the way in which you will take care of your patients in the best possible manner and help them in recovering from their illnesses at a much faster rate.

This a just a small set of interview questions that you might face in your medical school interview. However, there is no assurance that the interviewers will ask only these questions. You can utilize the information provided on other resources as well to thoroughly prepare for your medical school interview. In addition to this technical preparation, make sure that you pay the same level of attention towards your external appearance as well, because it is the first thing that the interviewers will notice when you appear for the interview.

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