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High School Interview Questions

Most of the high school interview questions are meant to help. you as well as the interviewer to find out an appropriate college for you. There are very few chances that you will face an embarrassing situation in your high school interview, since the college or the high school is also trying to create a name for itself. Therefore, try to exhibit your personality traits in the best way you can. Following are some typical questions on high school interview and some tips about how to answer them.

Question 1 : How would you describe yourself?

Answer 1: It is one of the most commonly asked interview questions. Here you need to state. your positive points, which will elevate your chances of admission into the college. Be specific while aligning your qualities starting with the most relevant ones and then adding to the list gradually. Do not make it too long so that the the session should turn out be a bore.

Question 2: What interests you the most about our college?

Answer 2: This one is for evaluating whether you have done your homework about the institution or the college before appearing for the interview. Therefore,. research about the institute or the high school where you want. admission so that you can perform. well in such a scenario. Try your best to speak. to the point in order to convey your purpose in a very clear manner. Do not say that, "the placement of the college is very good and hence, it will fulfill your dream of making a lot of money and becoming rich." Give. an answer that will convey your intellectual interests to the interviewer, and not the materialistic goals.

Question 3: Whom do you admire the most in your life?

Answer 3: These types of questions give the interviewers an insight into your personality and. your aspirations. If you do not prepare well, these might turn the situation into an awkward one for you and the interviewer. Therefore, be prepared for such questions and reap the maximum benefits. You must not only mention the name of the person you admire the most, but also some very good and valid reasons for admiring him or her and why you look up to that person.

Question 4: Why did you choose this field of education and not any other?

Answer 4: It is not compulsory at all to choose your major when you are applying for an admission to a high school. If you say that you have many interests and you need some time to think over them before choosing your major, it will not disappoint the interviewer at all. However, if you have already chosen your major field, then be prepared for answering 'Why did you choose this field ?'. Also, make sure that you do not say something like 'I chose this field because it offers more monetary benefits compared to other fields'. Such answers are a big 'no'. It is not your greed but your passion for the subject that will help you in. becoming an asset for the college.

Question 5: How will you contribute to our campus community?

Answer 5: These questions are tricky ones. Therefore, you need to be specific when you answer them. Saying, 'I am very hard working and sincere in my studies', sounds very bland. Try not to give such generic answers. Think of such an answer which will make you stand out from the pack.

Question 6: How do you face challenging situations in your life?

Answer 6: By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to evaluate your problem solving skills and how. you adjust yourself to the situation. College life is not so easy. Each new day brings with it something challenging. therefore, it is. essential for the interviewers to make sure that they enroll candidates who are mentally strong and capable of handling such situations.

Question 7: How do you utilize your free time? OR How do you spend your free hours?

Answer 7: This one is for evaluating your your interests apart from the curriculum and how do you spend the most precious time of your life. Answers like "chilling", "roaming" or "hanging out with friend" are not bad but, they are very weak. Try to avoid such answers because they won't benefit you much as the interviewer is not interested in such answers. They want to know how productive, creative, and interesting you are. Hence, talk about your hobbies and passions, which will give the interviewer an insight into your personality.

Question 8: Where do you see yourself after a few years from now?

Answer 8: By asking this question, the interviewer is trying to judge how passionate you are towards achieving your aim. Here you are not required to mention your long term goals, but. you need to mention. Your short term plans and how you are planning to achieve them. Do not try to be pretentious about your accurate future predictions. However, being honest and open minded will open the gates for you.

Question 9: Which is your favorite book and why?

Answer 9: Most of the candidates draw a blank when they are asked such questions. You must prepare very well for such questions and talk about the books you have read so that you can try to be original in your thinking. You must not only name the books, but also support their selection. Mention what the book taught you and how it inculcated a new point of view in you towards the society and yourself.

Question 10: Do you have any questions for me?

Answer 10: There is high probability that the interviewer might come up with this question in your interview to. end. the session. Hence, make sure that. you research about it very well. Make sure that the questions you ask are thoughtful, probing and specific to that particular college. For instance, you can ask questions like, "What are the characteristics that distinguish this college from the others?" or "What qualities the college expects from an ideal student?". Do not ask those questions whose answers are already present on their website or brochure.

These are just a few high school interview questions that are commonly asked to the students seeking admission to a college. You can refer other sample questions as well for. thoroughly preparation before appearing for the interview. However, think of the interview as an interactive session irrespective of the types of questions asked. Do not sound as if you have. all the answers. Instead, take your time to think. so that you sound natural. Calm your nerves and be confident and focused when you are attending the interview.

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