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Education Interview Questions

We often have to face interview sessions in various stages of life. While taking admission to a school, high school, college, etc., and while applying for teaching and non-teaching jobs, we are supposed to crack the interview round. There are certain most frequently asked questions that are asked in almost all interviews in education field. Here are some of the sample interview questions and their probable answers. It is beneficial to go through the list when you are preparing for the interview.

Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

Answer 1: You will come across this question in every interview, may it be for admission to any course program or for applying for a teaching position. You will come across this question during almost every interview during your student life as well as while searching for employment. This is the most frequently asked question and the purpose of asking this question is to make you comfortable, provide a platform for talking, and give you an opportunity to introduce yourself in brief. This short introduction session starts the interview. However, make sure that you limit this session to a short time. Never go into personal details; just stick yourself to academical and professional aspects.

Question 2: Who or what has influenced you the most in your life?

Answer 2: People usually wonder about telling a long story here; however, it is not at all required. The interviewer is never interested in listening to your life story and thus, you must have to recognize the crux of the question to answer it. Explain about that particular aspect or personality in your life that has a significant impact on your development. It is better not to be pretentious over here.

Question 3: What is your personal educational philosophy?

Answer 3: This is a question that tests your personal opinions about education. Thus, you can definitely share your views about the academical as well as versatile education. Try not to be restricted about the academics, but also speak on your personal approach towards education and educational systems.

Question 4: What are your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher?

Answer 4: This is another question that helps the interviewer evaluate your personality. Your answer to this question should be mature, wise, and intelligent. Answers such as 'chocolates is my greatest weakness and family is my greatest strength' will not be entertained by the interviewer. A little self assessment would help you prepare an answer to this question. Mention only one or two points here so as to avoid boredom; however, mention both positive and negative points of your personality. Make sure that the negative points that you mention do not harm your education or employment.

Question 5: Share with us the most rewarding experience of your educational life.

Answer 5: This is the golden chance for you to express your best qualities in front of the interviewer. Do not hesitate to share one of your rewarding experiences during the entire educational life till now. Make use of such a language that would accentuate your qualities as much as possible. You can describe your success in a competition, your distinction in an examination, your success in a scholarship, or your strengths that brought you forward while participating in extra-curricular activities.

Question 6: What are your short term career goals?

Answer 6: It is not compulsory to describe your full proof plan of career. Just explain to the interviewer your short term career objectives and how you are moving towards them gradually. This question is meant to test your capability to plan your career and act accordingly. The interviewer just wants to get an idea about what exactly you wish to do in near future career.

Question 7: What was the last educational book you read?

Answer 7: This is a factual question and you need to answer honestly here. If you have not read any educational book recently, prepare for the answer to this question before the interview schedule and describe about the book in brief. Make sure that you mention the author's name, the central idea of the book, what important aspects are emphasized on in the book, and if you have learnt any new concept after reading the book.

Question 8: Give a few examples that show your leadership skills.

Answer 8: Leadership is the quality that always helps to be at a higher point as compared to others. Being an education professional is facilitated, if you have the leadership skills. Besides academics, you can also share your leadership experiences in other fields such as sports, extra-curricular courses, social activities, or art activities.

Question 9: How would your friends and colleagues describe you?

Answer 9: Answering to this question also needs self assessment. Asking friends and colleagues about their honest opinion about you is another way to prepare for this answer. Make sure that you do not praise yourself in front of the interviewer, but mention only a few points that people really like about you. Try and mention such points that would positively influence your selection.

Question 10: Do you have any questions for me?

Answer 10: Some home work is required to answer this question. If you do not have any doubt to ask after the interview, then it perfectly fine. However, it is advisable to ask at least one question that is thoughtful and logical enough to present your smartness.

If you have been selected for the interview round of an educational program or any teaching or allied educational job, congratulations! Read the above mentioned sample interview questions and their answers, and you would be able to face the interview confidently. The questions included in this guideline are the most frequently asked ones and also easy to answer, if prepared. All the best!

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