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Dental School Interview Questions

A dental school is an institution that imparts dental education in form of a graduate or post graduate or a doctoral degree. In some regions of the world, dental education is completed in the medical school. Admission to a dental school is a little tough, since most of the times it requires the aspirants to pass an entrance examination as well as crack an interview. If you are interested in dentistry and wish to pursue a career in the same, then you are ought to know the pattern and outline of the interviews that you need to undergo. If you attend the interview confidently with the essential home work, then you can be successful. Here is a list of the most frequently asked sample interview questions while selecting the candidates for dentistry education. It will be helpful for you, if you go through these questions and how to answer them.

Question 1: So, how would you like to introduce yourself?

Answer 1: This question is to make you start the conversation and be comfortable with the interviewer for the interview questions. You just need to keep a short introductory statement about yourself in your mind. Be sure that it does not sound rehearsed and boring. Limited introduction related to work and academics is what the interviewer seeks.

Question 2: How did you develop interest in dentistry?

Answer 2: Try to avoid a long story about your school and high school days. Keep it short and highlight points that make it clear that you have immense interest in studying pharmacy and are very sincere.

Question 3: Tell me something about your academic record and explain the gaps in your education.

Answer 3: Do not emphasize much on school level education, but do not forget to focus on the biology related subjects that you learnt in high school. Never mention negative academic records, unless they are asked for. If you have taken gaps during education, then present acceptable justifications for them. This will not create a wrong impression about your academic abilities.

Question 4: What will you do if you are not selected this year?

Answer 4: The first thing you need to do is to apply at many institutes at the same time for the program of your choice. There is no harm in mentioning this during the interview. The best answer can be 'I am really looking forward to gaining admission to this school, but if not then I will try for it again next year'. You can also say that 'I have a few other alternatives and have applied at some other schools too for the same dentistry program'.

Question 5: According to you, where will you be after 5-10 years?

Answer 5: This is a tricky question that tests your career planning, dedication, passion and vision. You are supposed to highlight your aim in life and how you are gradually heading towards it. It is totally fine if you are not able to mention your long term goals. Just be honest and balanced while answering.

Question 6: According to you, what are the requirements for becoming a successful dentist?

Answer 6: This question also needs home work. Keep reading about successful dentists in medical magazines, and you will come to know what it takes to become a successful dentist. This information will help you while answering this question. You can also mention your strong points that you think are helpful in shaping your career and also give a few examples of successful dentists, if you wish to.

Question 7: What activities do you do in your spare time?

Answer 7: Spare time gives you the opportunity to develop your interests and hobbies that you usually do not get time for. Thus, try to answer this question including some of your interesting, productive, creative, and innovative extra-curricular activities. Answers such as 'chilling out', 'roaming', 'watching TV', 'hanging out with friends', do not make any sense. Instead, try to enunciate the activities that are productive and fun; these might not be related directly to your work but should be able to accentuate your positive traits.

Question 8: What are the current issues in dentistry?

Answer 8: This question needs a lot of home work. If you read newspapers, medical magazines, and dentistry issues regularly, then you would be able to answer this question. A correct answer to this question signifies that you are updated with the relevant knowledge and can be a prospective student of the dental school for higher education.

Question 9: Would you offer free dental assistance to someone who could not pay for it?

Answer 9: This is again a question wherein you need to answer wisely. Being honest is not harmful, but being diplomatic is always admirable during interviews.

Question 10: Any questions?

Answer 10: Always ask at least one question at the end of the interview. This helps the interviewer in getting an insight to your interactive and curious nature. This question also needs a little home work. Make sure that you ask one or two logical questions and not more than that. If you are seriously looking forward to pursuing higher education and choosing a career in dentistry, then cracking an interview for admission in a good dental school is the key . The questions and their answers given in the above mentioned list will certainly help you get an idea of the interview and then eventually, to clear it.

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