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Sales Manager Interview Questions

Sales management is a branch of business that deals with the actual implementation of the sales techniques and the company's sales operations. Sales manager interview questions help you get an idea of a general interview for the position of a sales manager in any company or organization. The most commercial business results through the profit by the net sell of products and services of the company or organization. Sales manager is the one who is involved in tasks such as sales planning, human resources, talent development, leadership, and control of resources i. e. organizational assets.

The job responsibilities of a sales manager are sales programming, assigning sales territories, setting goals, and conducting and developing training programmes for sales representatives.

One more task that can be added to this list is advising the sales representatives regrading improvement in performance and achievement of goals.

Since sales is an integral part of any company and the person tackling the sales issues of the company must be expert in all factors related to sales, you will have to undergo a tough test and scrutiny before you find a good sales manager job.

Let us have a look at the list containing some of the most commonly asked sales manager interview questions. The guideline given below has frequently asked questions and the best suitable answers to them along with tips on how to answer those questions.

Question 1: Tell me some typical job responsibilities of a sales manager of the company.

This is a question that presents you an opportunity to show that you have the essential knowledge and you are aware of all the tasks that are supposed to be performed by a sales manager. As the name itself suggests, a sales manger has to manage the total sales of the company. Some of the typical tasks of a sales manager are to resolve the customer complaints regarding sales and service, monitor customer preferences to determine focus of sales efforts, direct and coordinate the sales and manufacturing activities for products, services, commodities, real estate, or other subjects of sale. Some other tasks are determining price schedules and discount rates, reviewing the operational records at regular intervals, reporting the project sales, and determining the profit. To achieve all these tasks successfully, a sales manager has to handle all the salesmen in the company.

Question 2: What personality traits should a sales manager possess according to you?

An ideal sales manager has to have certain qualities so as to become successful as a manager. The traits of a perfect sales manager can be described as loyalty, empathy, performance consistency, etc. A sales manager should always be loyal to the customers first, then to the company, and then to the respective sales force. When it comes to empathy, a manager should be able to share the others' professional experiences for the benefit of all sales personnel. As long as a manager exhibits consistent performance, the subordinates would also be motivated . One more quality that a sales manager should have is to be process and result oriented. Other qualities that make a manager more successful are leadership, extraordinary management skills, and planning skills.

Question 3: What is the exact difference between managing and leading? Which one of them is more important?

You can mention here that these two words are always mistaken for the same meaning. However, there is a thin line of difference between the two. Leading is a generalized word used for referring to the activity of one person leading and directing the workforce for achieving a particular goal; whereas managing is something that refers to management of the work conducted by the managers. You can simply say that 'managers do things right and thus, are called brains of the company. On the other hand, leaders do right things and thus, are called hearts of the company.

Question 4: How would you manage solving conflicts within your sales team?

Management skill is one of the most important qualities in a sales manager who has to lead and manage the team. Handling all types of issues related to the team and team members is another important task of a manager. Thus, you can say that you would prefer to be calm and patient when such an issue comes up, you would let the members have their say so as to discuss the issues in depth and solve them in every possible way. Developing and sustaining good team spirit is the key to work effectively as a successful team.

Question 5: How would you describe your management style?

This is a question that tests your management skills and an opportunity for you to impress the interviewer by explaining your own style of management. Keep in mind that the interviewer is interested in knowing how effectively and efficiently you can work. Thus, here it becomes very important to impress the interviewer with your competency and accuracy of work. Explain that you are the one who believes in systematic and organized working. Also mention about your habit of taking regular feedback so as to reach the best possible result. Do not forget to mention that you are a result oriented person who does not lose interest in a project unless the desired result is obtained.

Question 6: Do you practice setting up sale targets for your staff?

Instead of saying 'no' to this question, it is desirable to say that you always set sales targets for your sales staff, since it tends to help them work towards the achievement of a desired goal that ultimately leads in an efficient and a productive working environment. Thus eventually, success can be attained.

Question 7: Do you arrange any training programs for your staff development?

It is advisable to be honest while answering this question. Make sure that you do not sound pretentious. If you have conducted training sessions and workshops for counseling weaker staff members to help them enhance their sales skills, then do not forget to mention it to the interviewer.

Question 8: What selling techniques will you suggest?

Sales quality, honesty, and integrity rank among the greatest sales traits. One of the most effective sales techniques is to develop a trusted relationship with your leads and customers. Every successful salesperson has a particular closing strategy that works in crunch situations. Answering the customers' doubts confidently and appealing to their emotional triggers is another selling technique. An ideal selling technique is to build a rapport with the target customers that helps recognizing their needs.

These are the most likely questions that you would come across while appearing for an interview for the position of a sales manager. If you refer to this guideline of sales manager interview questions and their answers, you would be able to face the interview confidently and crack it.

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