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HTML Interview Questions

HTML interview questions are technical and emphasize on your skill sets rather than only theoretical knowledge. HTML is the principal markup language that is used for the purpose of displaying the Web pages as well as other related information in the Web browser. The elements of HTML are considered to be the building blocks of the websites and thus, it is very important for you to gain up-to-date knowledge about HTML. Basic application of this hypertext markup language is to offer a means for the creation of structured documents. Such documents also have text semantics such as headings, lists, paragraph details, links, quotes, and other related information.

Here are some of the topmost HTML interview questions that you will definitely come across in your next interview. Just go through the list and prepare yourself for tough technical questions.

Question 1: What is HTML?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which is the standard language of the World Wide Web. This standardized language for text formatting is used for creation and display of different pages on the Web. Two basic components of an HTML document are the content and the tags. Formatting is done in order to achieve proper displaying of the pages on Web.

Question 2: What are tags?

For proper formatting of the content, it is placed between HTML tags. This makes use of two symbols less than (<) and greater than (>). The closing tag is represented as a slash (/). If time permits, give an example:


Question 3: What are the common lists used while designing a page?

There are some commonly used lists or combinations of lists such as ordered and unordered lists, menu list, directory list, and definition list. Each of these lists requires a different tag set for composing.

Question 4: What is image map?

In HTML, there is list of coordinates that relates to a particular image that is created especially to hyperlink certain areas of the image to different destinations. This list of coordinates is called as an image map. This works unlike the normal images, wherein the entire area of an image is linked to a single destination. An image map serves to provide facilitated linking of various parts of a single image without dividing it into different image files that separate the main image file. Image map enables you to link different Web pages with a single image.

Question 5: What is the advantage of collapsing white space?

To answer this question, you should be able to explain first what are white spaces. White spaces are the blank sequences of space characters. This entire sequence is treated as a single space character in HTML. This is due to the browser that converts multiple spaces into a single space. The biggest advantage of collapsing with white spaces is that it enables you to organize the code of HTML into a format which is readable.

Question 6: What is a Hypertext link? Are you comfortable with writing HTML entirely by hand?

A hypertext link is a type of special tag linking one page to another or one resource to another. If this link is clicked, then your browser would directly go to that link's destination. Second question is factual, and depends on your working style and methodology. However, it is advisable to mention the fact that you are comfortable with writing HTML by hand. Describe the comparison between HTML by hand and other procedures that you follow sometimes during your work. Talk about using WYSIWYG and Dreamweaver. Make sure that your answer gives a general idea to the interviewer about your skill sets in HTML.

Question 7: How can you put markup in ATL text?

This is not possible. Even though the character entities (©, &#nnn; and such) are permitted, this cannot be done. There are some special procedures to write good ALT texts without markup and you will need a lot of preparation for learning it. This is a tricky question that demands your quick answer.

Question 8: Tell me what are includes.

In HTML, an include is a section which is not an entire HTML document, but it is that portion of another page which is later included in complete Web pages through programming. However, this process is not supported by HTML and thus, you have to add your include files to the Web pages by using certain program or script. Generally, include files are those that are repeated on multiple pages of a single website without changing the contact notices, navigation, and copyright information.

Question 9: How do you hide your source?

This is again a tricky question and your quick answer is expected here. You cannot hide your source. In order to display your document, the browser demands a source. The information that you send should be complete and coming from an unencrypted source. If a browser does not show 'View Source' option, most of the browsers do show this option and you have to view it. In order to get the source, you can retrieve the document using telnet i.e. by hand or check the cache of browser.

Question 10: Do all HTML tags come in pair?

Not necessarily. HTML tags are single and do not necessarily need a tag for closing. You can also give an example such as: <img> tag and <br> tags

You might be asked some other questions too. The only thing you have to do while preparing for the interview is to study each topic thoroughly and then keep in mind all the probable questions that can be asked. If your practical concepts are clear, then you would be able to face the HTML interview questions with ease and confidence.

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