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Networking Interview Questions

Networking interview questions are very much technical and tough to face. These questions are based on the basics of networking, terminologies, protocols, and functions of the networking techniques. Hence, it is very essential to go through a list of the most commonly asked questions before appearing for the interviews, so that you have a general idea about the type of questions you will have to face from the employer/employers. If you prepare well enough before the interview, you would be confident throughout the interview and you would ace in it without much difficulty. Make sure that you refresh your knowledge about.

This section of networking interview questions will give you an insight into the most frequently asked questions in job interviews related to different branches of networking including:

CCNA interview questions
Mainframe interview questions
Network Administrator interview questions
System Administrator interview questions
Network Engineer interview questions
TCP/IP interview questions

CCNA Interview Questions

This section of CCNA interview questions will help you in preparing for a job in the field of networking. The sample questions will test your ability to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed as well as switched networks. It also includes the implementation and verification of all the connections to remote sites in a wide area network.

Mainframe Interview Questions

Mainframe interview questions tend to cover several skill sets such as COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS, VSAM, and many more. When you apply for a mainframe job, it is wise to jot down the most common questions asked in this type of interview. After going through this section, you will come across topmost mainframe interview questions and tips on how to face them. This will definitely help you perform well in the actual session.

Network Administrator Interview Questions

These interview questions are purely technical and check your practical skill sets regarding networking. You need to aware of the typical job responsibilities of a network admin such as deploying, configuring, maintaining, and monitoring of the data that is active and other network related equipment and many more. The list of questions mentioned in this section will help you in preparing for the same.

Network Engineer Interview Questions

Network engineers deal with installation, maintenance, and provision of support to the computer communication networks in the company or organization or even between organizations. Their principal responsibility is to confirm the proper working of communication network in order to offer the best performance as well as availability to the users i.e. customers, staff, suppliers, and other clients. Top questions and tips for answering them are given in this section.

System Administrator Interview Questions

The system administrator interview questions provided in this section will help you win a job title of the system administrator or IT system administrator, which is more popularly referred as sysadmin. You need to be aware of all your responsibilities as a sysadmin such as dealing with operation and maintenance of a computer system or network, so that you can grab the job.

TCP/IP Interview Questions

This set of interview questions provides you with generally asked questions during a TCP/IP interview. You might come across some more questions that need more extensive study. Therefore, try and think of as many possible questions as you can when you prepare for the interview. This would help you answer every question with confidence.

All of them are the most commonly asked questions in most of the jobs in networking field. If you can think of some more questions while studying on your own, then note them down and do prepare for them as well. Concentrate on the technical terms and techniques so as to be confident while answering any type of question. If you are an experienced networking professional, then your answers should be able to exhibit your experience to the interviewer. If proper home work is done and the guideline given above is referred, the networking interview questions are not very tough to answer and secure a good job in the networking industry.

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