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Product Manager Interview Questions

A product manager deals with the investigation, selection, and development of the products for an organization or a company. A product manager has to take into consideration many aspects such as demography of the product, competition for the same product in the market, and suitability of the product to the company's business model. The product may be information, music, or any other services. Given below are some of the product manager interview questions and their probable answers.

Here is a list of sample interview questions for the product manager's post.

  1. How would you introduce yourself?

    Answer: This is an opening question that provides you with the platform to start a conversation with the interviewer. It is advisable that you do not waste too much time here. This is just an introductory session, so make sure that you limit it to a minute or two. Include your educational and professional qualities along with the qualities that best describe your personality.

  2. What is brand management?

    Answer: Brand management involves managing the tangible as well as intangible characteristics of the particular brand. In case of the brand of the product, its tangible characteristics include the product, its price, and its packaging. On the contrary, in case of the service brands, the tangible characteristics are customer service and experience. Intangible characteristics of the product are the non-physical or emotional connection with the particular product or service.

  3. What is brand positioning?

    Answer: Every brand and product has a specific target consumer. So, brand positioning is the aspect that considers your target consumer's view towards your brand or product in preference to other brands or products. In short, brand positioning is the target consumer's reason to buy your brand or product. Brand positioning ensures that all the activities involving the brand are managed, guided, directed, and then delivered. Such activities give a reason for the consumers to buy the product and hence, help to establish a healthy and versatile contact with consumers.

  4. What are the components of brand positioning?

    Answer: This is a technical question and you are supposed to answer in the same manner. Keep this answer short and to the point. You can say 'The components of the brand positioning are target audience, the target market, industry and the USP (uniques selling proposition) of the business'.

  5. As a brand manager, what do you think the person should have?

    Answer: While answering this question, you can just list the desired qualities of a brand manager. You can say that 'According to me, an ideal brand manager should possess innovative product concepts and an instinctive feeling regarding the promotion of the future products, analytical skills, verbal as well as written communication skills, and listening skills. Besides these qualities, the person should also have the ability to respond to the factual results, capability to carry out the consumer research, and enthusiasm about that particular product.

  6. What do you feel is the potential for brand management?

    Answer: I feel that the potential for brand management is the aspect that helps the company to promote its positive image in the market, distinguish its offerings from its competitors, and also protect its products in a legal manner. It also deals with devisingmarketing communication activities.

  7. How does an effective relationship strategy help in product brand building?

    Answer: Effective relationship, I feel, is the base of any business; may it be with the subordinates and colleagues or the consumers. Therefore, building two-way communication is the best way to develop a healthy and effective relationship. This can be done by means of frequent communication, and conduction of special events in order to reward your company's consumers. Such an answer to this question would take you one step towards selection.

  8. What are key tasks of a brand manager?

    Answer: A brand manager's tasks include developing and executing brand plans, building brand awareness, brand positioning, measuring and managing the brand equity, protecting the brand legally, knowing the target market and customers and meeting their demands, developing and executing brand loyalty programs, and managing the brand identity in the market. Apart from all these duties, a brand manager has to design and apply various plans to develop and sustain an emotional connection between the company's brand and its target customers.

  9. What you know about co-branding?

    Answer: Co-branding is more popularly known as 'brand partnership'. This means that two companies create an alliance in order to work together towards a marketing synergy. This concept is mutually beneficial.

  10. Define Brand equity?

    Answer: This is again a technical question to test your technical knowledge. Brand equity is the integration of outcomes and effects that tend to benefit the product, along with its brand name. Brand equity shows the distinction between a product with its brand name and a product without any brand name.

  11. What are the most important elements of a brand or product?

    Answer: The brand name, its unique logo, catch-line or tag-line, its shape, color, graphic details, movements, sounds, taste and smell in case of edible products, etc., are the most important elements of a brand or product.

The interviewer wants to know and assess your skills and experience regarding the beginning, execution, and eventually the success of a new product. The above mentioned questions are the most frequently asked ones and they offer a lot of scope for you to exhibit your product or brand managerial skills. Therefore, try and present your management and leadership style while answering that would make you a prospective candidate for the position of the product manager. All the best!.

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