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MBA Interview Questions

A majority of graduate students wish to pursue their long term career in management field. While applying at any college or business school for admission to an MBA program, you have to appear for the entrance test and pass with the desired score. Once you pass the exam with good score, you have to face the personal interview and group discussion sessions. In personal interview session, you will come across a typical management questions and you will have to answer them intelligently and honestly. Some of the most commonly asked MBA interview questions are given below for your reference. The guideline contains sample interview questions and probable answers to them that would help you get a general idea of the interview.

Here is a list of some common MBA interview questions and answers.

Question 1: How would you like to introduce yourself?

This is the question that presents you a golden chance to introduce your personality's best qualities. However, try and do not waste your time here. Keep this introductory session limited to one or two minutes only. It is advisable that you should prepare your introduction ready before you appear for the interview, because you will have to focus upon educational aspects, professional aspects, and extraordinary qualities within a short time.

Question 2: Why did you decide to apply for this program and in this management institute?

The answer to this question is supposed to be honest, but diplomatic. You can tell the interviewer that you have researched for your desired course program well enough and the management aspects that you want to master in are very well taught in the respective institute. You can also say that an MBA done through that institute would help you achieve your professional objectives. Explain that the standard and overall educational levels are matching up with your ability and skill sets.

Question 3: What are your expectations from an MBA program and the institute offering it?

This question asks you to share your expectations from the institute itself. You can mention a few of the most important points here. It is better to first say that you wish to obtain the best quality management education. Later you can say that the program syllable should cover all the essential aspects of management, improve your self confidence, acquire and develop business skills, and rather than giving only theoretical knowledge, the institute should impart practical corporate knowledge.

Question 4: Why do you think we should enroll you in this institute?

You need to do self assessment to answer this question. It would allow you to think about your abilities, experience, and work energy. Since you already explain your academic record to the interviewer in your very first answer, you need not focus much upon it here. Do not forget to mention a few strong points of your personality. You can also say that your capability, interests, and skills would make you valuable from the company's point of view.

Question 5: Where do you envision yourself in near future?

It is advisable not to be pretentious while answering this question. Tell honestly that using your resources and knowledge that you have obtained, you would be working in good multinational company or else you would implement all your knowledge to start your own venture. Tell the interviewer that you envision yourself on the way to become a successful business professional.

Question 6: How can you define team work? Give an example from your graduate school life when you handled and manged a team.

This is a question that tests your perspective towards your work and colleagues. You can answer that the team work is the best way to attain a successful task. The best teamwork is that wherein each of the team members has a predefined authorities and responsibilities. Every team member should have the will to work on own and thus, success of the team can be achieved only through a collective effort of all the team members.

Question 7: What according to you, are your strengths and weaknesses?

This question also demands self assessment. You need to be honest here, but try to avoid mentioning too many qualities of yourself. Pick up a few of your best strengths and weaknesses. Start from your academic subject and extend your talk up to your systematic working habits. You can also give an example from your professional life to explain how your strong points help you work successfully. As far as weaknesses are concerned, everyone has weak points; however, it is advisable not to mention those points that would harm your work. Answers such as 'chocolates and ice cream are my weaknesses' are totally unacceptable here and are never entertained by the interviewer. Do not forget to mention that you are constantly trying to overcome your weak points.

Question 8: What is your Plan B if you do not get accepted into this or any other business school?

This question tests your planning abilities and the interviewer wants to see how self confident you are. Thus, be confident of your abilities and tell the interviewer that you will definitely get selected in a good business school and even if you do not get selected due to some reasons, you would try again for admission next time. Also do not forget to mention that you have kept a few more business schools options in spare, if in case you do not get selected in that particular business school.

Question 9: What are your short term goals?

The best way to answer this question could be 'In an institute like yours, I would like to learn and acquire all the essential business skills that would be able to place me in an excellent company...' However, you need to think for a while before answering, since it is asked to test your planning ability, both short term and long term. It is not mandatory to present a blueprint of your career plan, but it is always better to mention what all things you have thought of achieving in near future. This question enables the interviewer to check whether you fit the desired expectations and the set standard of that institute.

Question 10: Will you be able to accomplish your goals without an MBA?

Your answer to this question should convince the interviewer that you are desperately in need of an MBA degree so as to attain progress in your career. Tell the interviewer that you already possess the sense of management and administration, but you definitely need a master's degree and knowledge that would enhance your knowledge to become a successful business professional. It is advisable to say that you are passionate about management and you will need an MBA through a good institute to achieve your high goals in the corporate industry.

Personal interview is the final and the most important stage after clearing the MBA entrance test. Refer to the above given guideline containing MBA interview questions and their answers before you go for the interview. All the best!

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