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Marketing Interview Questions

Marketing and sales are two of the most important functions in any company or organization. Personnel working in these two fields are responsible to bring in revenues in order to achieve the company's or organization's growth. There is an ever growing demand for good and effective marketing professionals. Marketing is a term that refers to a wide range of activities involving creation, communication, delivery, and exchange offerings that facilitates good value from the customers, clients, partners, and eventually the society. Marketing management is a discipline of management that focuses on the practical implementation of marketing techniques as well as the management of marketing resources and activities. If you are going to appear for an interview for a job in the marketing field, then the guidelines given below would be helpful for you to get a general idea of the interview and will also help you face it confidently. It contains some of the most commonly asked questions in marketing interviews.

Here is a list of the marketing interview questions and their probable answers:

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself.

You are supposed to introduce yourself while ing this question. The interviewer is not interested in knowing your personal aspects. Include your educational and professional information along with a few extraordinary qualities of yourself in this session and limit it to a minute or two. Keep in mind that this introductory session is meant just to know a few things about you and start the conversation.

Question 2: Why did you choose marketing?

Interviewers always look for people who are passionate about marketing and know about the customers' behavior and know how to influence the purchasing decisions of the customers. Your to this question is supposed to reflect your urge and passion for marketing. It should also convey that you possess the required skills for becoming a successful marketing professional. Tell the interviewer that you believe in continual learning and are self motivated.

If you have obtained an MBA with specialization in marketing, and simply need to get a good paying job, then you will need to answer honestly, but your answer must be polished. This is because, just telling the fact that you desperately need a job is certainly not the best answer.

Question 3: Tell me the exact difference between total customer value and total customer cost.

Total customer value refers to the total perceived value that a customer gets when he buys your product or service. On the other hand, total customer cost refers to the total cost that a customer can afford for researching, obtain, utilizing, and disposing the object.

Question 4: What is reactive and proactive marketing?

Reactive marketing deals with the business responses only to visible reactions. Since lower costs and minimum risks are involved here, this is one of the most popular methods of marketing. On the other hand, in proactive marketing, various creative and innovative marketing strategies are involved. These strategies can be entirely new or derived from other strategies in the market.

Question 5: Can you tell me about marketing mix?

The marketing mix is a type of business tool that is based on the four Ps of marketing i.e. product, price, promotion, and place. While determining the product's or brand's USP (unique selling point), marketing mix plays a crucial role.

Question 6: What according to you is a better one, traditional marketing or digital marketing?

This is a tricky question and you need to be diplomatic while answering. You can say that there is no single and best solution. Both have a crucial role in improving businesses, but their use depends on the situation in the market. For some companies, traditional marketing proves to be the best strategy, while some companies prefer to use digital marketing. Since digital marketing involves social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing, its use can lead to rapid growth of the company. The best strategy would be looking at what your competitors are doing and following a reactive marketing method accordingly or experimenting with new marketing media and then deciding which works the best.

Question 7: Differentiate between consumer market and business market.

Here you will be tested for your technical knowledge. You can say that in a consumer market, the buyers are individuals, and not the businesses. It is popularly known as B2C. In business market, one company sells a product or service and another company buys it. This is popularly known as B2B marketing.

Question 8: How would you explain the difference between sales and marketing?

A majority of people have a misconception that sales and marketing are one and the same. However, both are entirely different functions. Marketing is all about building awareness about the product through market research and getting the consumers to buy the product. Sales is about closing the sale. Both these teams are important for success in any business and the company can attain more benefits, if they both work together.

Question 9: Do you know what is PLC? Tell me something about it.

PLC refers to Product Life Cycle. As the name itself suggests, it involves everything right from the evolution of the concept of your product to its execution. Intermediate elements that are included in the product life cycle are product design, manufacture, service, and disposal.

Question 10: How inbound and outbound marketing differ from each other?

Inbound marketing includes market research related to branding, naming, pricing, packaging, and detecting the competitors and their USPs; outbound marketing involves advertising and promotions specific for the product, sales, public and media relations specific for the organization or company, customer service, and customer satisfaction.

Question 11: Have you convinced someone to do something when they were confused or indecisive?

This question tests your convincing skills and answer may differ from one person to another. As a good marketing professional, you will have to be good at convincing others that whatever you sell is definitely worth buying. Make sure that you do not lie while answering this question, because it would be easily detected by the interviewer resulting in a negative outcome. It is advisable to be specific and to the point. Do not forget to mention the final outcome of your effort for convincing.

Follow this guideline of marketing interview questions before you appear for the interview and face the interviewer confidently. All the best!.

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