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CEO Interview Questions

A chief executive officer (CEO) of any organization or company typically has to undertake job responsibilities as a leader, communicator, decision maker, executor, and manager. Alternative terms for CEO are managing director (MD in British context) and executive director (ED in American context). A CEO is the highest ranking corporate officer or administrator in charge of the entire management of an organization or the company, and has to report to the board of directors only. If you are going to appear for the post of a chief executive officer and have been called for an interview, then it is better to go through some of the most frequently asked CEO interview questions. This would give you an idea about how the interview is conducted.

Every interview is different, but there are some frequently asked questions which are meant to judge the candidate's specific capabilities. If you refer to these common questions before appearing for the interview, you can surely crack the round confidently.

Here is the list of some CEO interview questions along with their best possible answers:

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself.

This is an opening question that you must have answered in all the interviews till now in your career. Well, this is just an introductory session and ideally should not be stretched for more than two to three minutes. Try to introduce yourself in brief and cover the best qualities of your personality. If you feel that you must know the question in a better way to answer properly, then you can certainly ask the interviewer, ' Is there a particular aspect of my background that you would like more information on?' This would focus upon a specific aspect of your personality and avoid irrelevancy. In short, mention relevant information about your education, work experience, and a few extraordinary qualities.

Question 2: What according to you are your strong points and weak points?

This is a golden opportunity for you to describe your positive side in front of your prospective employer. You need to have some self assessment while preparing for this question. It will enable you to pick out a few of the best qualities and a few of negative points too. However, it would be wise to keep a work relevant approach here. While explaining your positive points, you can mention honesty, integrity, being a team player and an effective communicator, or determination. Support your answer with an example, if time permits. While talking about your negative points, avoid mentioning those which can be harmful for your professional advancement. Whichever direction your answer in, be sure that it has some relevance to the world of your professional endeavors.

Question 3: What interests you about this job?

When you're asked what interests you about the position of a CEO, one of the best ways to respond is to describe the desired qualifications listed in the job posting. This way, you can relate them to your qualification and skills. Here the interviewer comes to know that you possess all the essential educational qualifications and skill sets required for the post of a CEO. You need to convey your enthusiasm for the opportunity for appearing for the interview, along with your capability to do the job.

Question 4: What do you know about our company?

This question demands a lot of home work done from you before you appear for the interview. Home work would help you answer confidently and be to the point. This is a typical question that is asked by the interviewer to know the amount of research you have conducted before appearing for the interview. Therefore, prepare in advance so as to provide relevant and current information about your prospective employer. Mention that you have researched a lot about the company on its official website and also on social networking sites. Giving more time for research will help you make a good impression.

Question 5: What challenges are you looking for in this position?

Well, this question examines whether you are the best fit for the position of CEO that is being hired. The interviewer wants to determine what you are looking for in your job. The best way to answer this question is to discuss about how you would you utilize your skills, knowledge, and experience, if the company hires you for the job. You can also say that you are a person who is passionate about taking on challenges and facing them successfully. Mention that you are motivated by challenges and possess the ability, skills, and flexibility to effectively meet the challenges. Describe the job responsibilities of a chief executive officer and explain that you would be able to accomplish them, if given a chance. Support your answer with one or two examples.

Question 6: What are your aspirations beyond this job?

This is a tricky question that can trap you with your answer and thus, make sure that you do not specify the job titles beyond your current position. Stick to natural progression in your career. It is advisable here not to be pretentious about your aspirations. Explain to the interviewer that you will need a lot of experience working as an executive director in order to climb to higher positions and you will have to develop several more skills for that.

Question 7: Why are you leaving (did you leave) your current (last) job?

Again, here you need to present your answer in a positive light. Try and avoid speaking negative things about your last employer. You can mention that companies can be distinct, just like people are, and your previous or current employer is just not the best option for you. Tell the interviewer that you are looking for a company that would value your style of independent thinking and alternative methods.

Question 8: How long would you stay with us?

Think for a while before answering this question, but make sure that you answer intelligently. The time for which the employee would stay with the employer depends upon many factors. However, the employer always wants the employees to stay only till they are profitable and productive from the company's point of view. Hence, the best answer you can give to this question is that you are looking forward to sustain a long and productive career with the company. The reasons for this can be name and reputation of the company, quality values of the company in market, and the future that the company holds.

Question 9: When did you last plan and coordinate a project from the beginning to the finish?

This is one more opportunity for you to convince the prospective employer about your abilities to become the prospective CEO of the company. Start with how you chalked out the project plan, conducted meetings, and executed the planned project successfully. Once the project has started, tell the interviewer that you managed to keep a periodic check, appreciate the team effort and underplay your personal performance sometimes just to motivate the members and convey the right signals.

Question 10: Any questions for me?

The answer for this question must be 'Yes'. It is advisable to ask questions to the interviewer, provided that they are thoughtful and logical. Since you are applying for the post of an executive director, you already possess professional experience of many years and thus, it should be reflected in the questions that you ask to the interviewer at the end of an interview.

You will be asked some or all of the above questions when you appear for your CEO interview. So, get ready with your home work, self assessment, and preparation to answer such questions confidently. These CEO interview questions and answers might help you face the interview and crack it successfully. All the best!.

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