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Interview Questions for Managers

A manager is the one who gets things done, is efficient in people handling, and meets the deliveries on time, whether he is working for a department or an organisation. The interviewer may interrogate you about your past projects in the previous organisation and the challenges met by you during that period. He or she may ask about your management style.

Management Styles

There are different types of management and leadership styles which can be exercised to achieve a set of goals at work. Management style is the approach you choose towards the members in your team and how you manage to maintain a healthy relationship with them while reaching your targets and deadlines. The management style you possess demonstrates your personal thought process about managing people. It reflects your leadership qualities and how you hold the trust of your employees.

Behaviour Management

The management interview questions involve questions related to behaviour management of the employees, and also gives an insight about his/her abilities to deal with the issues and worries bothering the productivity of the team. The interviewers prefer a candidate who can fit well, and holds similar ideologies like the company. You should also be aware of the fact that interviewers are on the look for a candidate who understands, and knows what management means in today's dynamic work environment. Its crucial for a candidate to have a clear idea about the management role in organisation.

When they ask you about the most challenging project or role you had played in organisation, you can structure your answer in a systematic way. You can first state the problem or situation, then your action plan, and finally the outcome. You can also quote that how you engaged the entire team to deliver, and stay focused on the outcome despite of their difference in opinions. Glorify the picture when employees united together on achieving success as a team, and do away with their subtle differences. It shows your management skills and leadership qualities.

Know Your Prospective Organisation

Most companies look for experienced candidates, so it becomes difficult for a fresh B-school graduate to explain his suitability for the role. In that case, you can quote your past experiences in your college or department where you could successfully derive outcomes from the team and established yourself as a leader. Interviewers show keen interest in knowing more about you and your personality apart from the positions and other responsibilities you held in your previous organisation. You must be able to recall specific details and describe your roles and responsibilities while managing a team. Knowing about the organisation and its processes brings you more closer and makes you acquainted with products of the company. When the interviewer mentions them during the interview, you don't find them unfamiliar.

Its Good to Ask Questions

Always ask good questions. It gives an idea about your seriousness about the role as a manager in the company. When you ask about the companies' future plans, and the roles, and responsibilities that would be given to you, it demonstrates your curiosity and diligence. If you remain silent, it displays a negative trait and may jeopardize your contention.

Create a Good Impression

The image that you project during the interview is very important as the saying goes "First impression is the last impression". Your image should project that you fit in the company environment, and are one among them. Choose your best attire which you feel is comfortable to you during the interview. A shabby appearance may only display your casual outlook towards the role.

It is always better to prepare in advance, to create an impression on the prospective employer. Having a introspective, and well prepared plan for the interview puts you ahead and gives you a chance to show your prominence among the crowd.

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