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81. Who has influenced you to take this career option?
Answer:If someone has influenced you then tell the name and the reason why. If there is no one then you can say “I have always taken my decisions and believed that self esteem and knowledge will take one to higher levels. I was always interested in this field and this is why I perused education related to this field. I can only perform well if I get job satisfaction which I will get in this field. My decision is entirely self-influenced.”

82. What makes you go mad?
Answer: An ideal way of answering this question is by saying “Work life teaches you many things and I have too learned a lot from my experience so far. I have learned to stay calm and composed in whatever I do. In case if there are issues I try my level best to solve them before taking the matter to the higher authority. What disappoints me is lie and false commitment. I also believe that any argument is not won by raising voice but by raising the quality of your words.”

83. What was that one thing that you hate about your pervious organization?
Answer: When asked such type of question answer it in a diplomatic way. You can talk about the working atmosphere and say that you like a balance between work and fun. If there was anything that was really odd then you can speak about that but justify each such statement. Do not lay stress on individual opinion but be fare on your answers. It is however not necessary to actually speak anything negative, if you are not quite comfortable, then you can skip this part.

84. What if I say that you are over qualified for this position that you are applying for?
Answer: When asked such question then lay stress on being a part of the organization. Say good things about the company and why you want to be a part of it. Also say that if you are over qualified then it will turn out to be good for the company as you will perform and earn good returns for the company. Also say that learning is never over and in every new organization there is some opportunity to learn something new.

85. Tell me something about the company?
Answer: You must always do your homework to be prepared for such question. You do not have to mention detail information, just start with an introduction and highlight the major milestone. You can also speak about the recent achievements of the company and the upcoming projects that it seeks to undertake.

86. If you misunderstood your boss’s advice and that turned out to be a disaster then what you would you do?
Answer: You can tell that it’s your habit to finish work before time so that in case there is some mistake you can work on it later. You can tell about an incident when you worked and that turned out to be wrong so you firstly apologized to your team lead and then again did the work and presented it before time. If nothing like this happened with you, you can say that you always inquire in detail regarding any work assigned to you. You make sure that there are no rooms for any mistakes.

87. Describe yourself as a person?
Answer: Talk about your positive as well as negative qualities. You must justify each of your qualities with an example and say how these qualities have let you grow in your professional life. When you are talking about your negative points say that since humans are not perfect you are also not perfect. Focus on how you have learned from your mistakes and how you tend to overcome situations with your negative qualities.

88. Do you think you will be able to manage the job assigned to you?
Answer: This is another way of asking your strengths. You can say that since you have the following qualities so these will turn out to add positive effect on the work that you do. Relate each of your positive quality with the success that you have achieved in your last company. At the end say that since you posses these qualities, you will do effective and efficient work in the current company too.

89. Tell me a time when you misjudged a team mate or your boss?
Answer: Here you can say something only if you have experienced any such incident. In case you did not happen to misjudge anyone then you can say that you take time in knowing a person well then only make any judgment. Whenever you are confused you can always go for a diplomatic answer.

90. What has been your salary so far in the various companies that you have worked in?
Answer: You can talk about the various salary packages that was offered to you in all the companies. If there was a salary hike in every company then you can talk about your experience and qualities that gave you the salary hike.

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